Should be strongly related to Diabetes, considering how profoundly it affects nutrition and metabolism. Has shown very good results in many cases. Patient is faint-hearted and has marked lack of self-confidence, want of moral and physical grit; lack of stamina. Sensitive to cold, with icy cold sweaty feet. Offensive sweat on feet, hands and axillae. Loss of power in legs. Crippled nails; white spots on nails.

While offering Therapeutic Hints on Diabetes, I am not ignorant of Dr. J.T. Kents remarks that so long as man is capable of believing that Diabetes and Brights Diseases are diseases, so long will man be insane in medicine as his mind is only directed towards the results of disease. I am using the word Diabetes not in the pathological sense in which it is commonly used and understood but as a word conjuring up before the mind symptom images of patients commonly believed to be suffering from Diabetes, and this is just for convenience of reference and study.

After all it is the patient who must be treated and cured, and his diseased organs and pathological conditions will automatically be made normal.

Diabetes is a constitutional disorder resulting in a disturbance of carbohydrate metabolism, i.e. of the normal utilisation and storage of carbohydrates, as evidenced clinically, among other factors, by persistent hyperglycaemia, with or without glucosuria, and characterised by want of nutrition of the whole body as well as organs.

Emaciation general and nervous debility, want of stamina, even Tuberculosis, many eye complications like cataract and retinal haemorrhages, and numerous skin lesions, boils, carbuncles etc. follow in its wake, accompanied by numerous symptoms and sensations which offer a rich field for homoeopathic prescribing.

Diabetes seems to have certain racial affinities, showing a preference for the Jews in Europe and the Hindus in India. The cause of the disease is a combination of ill-balanced rich carbohydrate diet, over-eating, sedentary habits, lack of sufficient physical exercise, and too much of worries and mental and nervous strain. Obesity is in most cases followed by Diabetes. Dr. Lawrence, in his book “The Diabetic Life” has emphasised that to be normal or a little under-weight is an insurance against Diabetes.

The treatment of diabetes would naturally consist of removal of the causes mentioned above, bringing the weight of the patient to normal, or in the case of the obese to a little below normal, and maintaining the weight there by a suitable regulation of diet keeping in view the body requirements with due regards to the nature of work the patient is called upon to do. Combined with this, suitable out-door exercise, avoidance of worry, undue mental strain, and other causes likely to tell upon the general health and vitality must be considered to be at least as much necessary as medical treatment.

Homoeo-therapy offers a wide range of medicines affecting the nutrition and metabolism of the body, and all these should prove to be excellent tools in the hands of prescriber for alleviating the Diabetics sufferings. The following list and the indications are only suggestive and not exhaustive. The remedies marked with an asterisk are Indian remedies which have been proved in very slow potencies, though not very satisfactorily and extensively; they deserve thorough provings and clinical verifications.

INSULIN – Though not a cure for Diabetes, it is undoubtedly a great boon for the diabetic, especially in advanced stages, in Diabetic Coma, in the course of acute infections, and when the patient is fast emaciating and running into a decline. As it is a natural hormone, there should apparently be no objection to its use simultaneously with the indicated Homoeopathic remedy, if need should arise.

As the indicated remedy establishes its curative action, it will be discovered that less and less Insulin will be required still after a time it will no longer be needed. The indicated remedy acts as a powerful Insulin activator. In most cases, especially in early ones, Insulin will not be required at all, and the indicated remedy along with dietetic and general management on the lines discussed above should be quite enough. While using Insulin, overdosing must be guarded against. Dr. Dewey mentions Epileptic convulsions and mental derangements having been caused by hypodermic use of this hormone.

R. S. Rastogi
R. S. Rastogi
B.A., M.D.S.
Dehradun, India