The chronic aspect of Carb. veg. is very distinctive. An individual slowed down mentally and physically; sleepy and tired even to a state of exhaustion. A venous patient with engorged capillaries giving the face a dark flush or even a purplish hue. One who is sensitive to the two extremes of temperature, whose feet and knees are icy cold and whose head and face hot, except perhaps the nose, which may be cold and dark red with engorged capillaries showing.

Kent calls the Carb. veg. patient a venous patient, and varicosities with burning pains is a marked feature. And as one might expect, the heart of the Carb. veg. subject is weak and irregular in function, the flabby heart muscles may go on to dilatation either acute or chronic. Acute dilatation following acute digestive troubles with great flatulence and distention with weakness, collapse and even unconsciousness and death may close the scene if this remedy is not recognized and given soon enough.

There are some striking mental symptoms. Timidity, especially the fear of darkness, is very marked. Darkness also aggravates some of the physical states, as the difficult breathing. We have mentioned the mental sluggishness and memory weakness. Fixed ideas, fear of ghosts, especially in the dark. Some of the general aspects of this remedy will remind us of the snake poisons, of Opium and Am. carb., especially the sleep aggravations, awakens out of sleep, suffocating and frightened.

This synopsis of this truly wonderful remedy is designed only to stimulate study and research into the materia medica. Such study will be amply rewarded, because this medicine is not used as frequently as it should be by the average prescriber.


DR. V.E. BALDWIN: Some years ago I made a trip to California and visited a friend who was supposed to have tuberculosis. Along with many of the symptoms the doctor

2 mentioned, there was one he didnt mention, and that is painless hoarseness. When I met him at the train, he was not able to speak and I said, “Does your throat feel as bad as it sounds?” He answered me in a whisper.

Largely on that symptom I gave a dose of Carbo veg., and that is ten years ago. He got well of his consumption and has made good since.

DR. A. PULFORD: Dr. Grimmer spoke of some symptoms of Carbo veg. and their relation to the snake poisons.

A little while ago I had a lady come to the office with prominent varicose veins at the tip of her nose. It was quite disfiguring to her and made her look as though she were a chronic toper. The doctor didnt happen to mention that symptom along with the others; but what few symptoms I could get led me in that direction, but failed and I replaced Carbo veg. with Crotalus horridus.

DR. WAFFENSMITH: In conjunction with this remedy I want to call attention to Medorrhinum. Medorrhinum often comes in as a very useful complement to Carbo veg. and very often we overlook this valuable remedy in conjunction without study of Carbo veg.

A. H. Grimmer
Arthur Hill Grimmer 1874-1967 graduated from the Hering Medical College (in 1906) as a pupil of James Tyler Kent and he later became his secretary, working closely with him on his repertory. He practiced in Chicago for 50 years before moving to Florida. He was also President of the American Institute for Homoeopathy.
In his book The Collected Works of Arthur Hill Grimmer, Grimmer spoke out against the fluoridation of water and vaccinations. Grimmer wrote prodigeously, Gnaphalium, Homeopathic Prophylaxis and Homeopathic Medicine and Cancer: The Philosophy and Clinical Experiences of Dr. A.H. Grimmer, M.D.