Headache of school boys and girls, now and then increased to violent attacks particularly after mental or bodily exertion, sometimes most severe near the sutures with diarrhoea. Headache, with gastric symptoms, with uterine ailments or following other sensations, in peevish or forgetful children, worse from change of weather, extending from forehead to nose or from temples to jaw with some rheumatic ache from clavicles to wrists.


Three remedies are remarkable for sleepiness, viz.: Opium, Tartar emetic and Nux moschata, but aside from this one symptom they are not alike. Owing to the rapidity with which Sulphur, Silicea and Hep. have always effected the cure of panaritium in my hands, I have never found it necessary to try other remedies. Ricinus is one of our greatest acquisition in the Homoeopathic treatment of cholera.


The consideration of the totality of symptoms is of immense value and it is a distinguishing peculiarity of Homoeopathy. His very method of approach to the disease is different. The symptoms or signs are the representation of the disease. The symptoms are, in other words, the very voice of the disease. Homoeopaths recognize the disease through symptoms.


An individual slowed down mentally and physically; sleepy and tired even to a state of exhaustion. A venous patient with engorged capillaries giving the face a dark flush or even a purplish hue. One who is sensitive to the two extremes of temperature, whose feet and knees are icy cold and whose head and face hot, except perhaps the nose, which may be cold and dark red with engorged capillaries showing.


Should be strongly related to Diabetes, considering how profoundly it affects nutrition and metabolism. Has shown very good results in many cases. Patient is faint-hearted and has marked lack of self-confidence, want of moral and physical grit; lack of stamina. Sensitive to cold, with icy cold sweaty feet. Offensive sweat on feet, hands and axillae. Loss of power in legs. Crippled nails; white spots on nails.


Adults may continue their occupation so long as they can avoid mixing with children, but they should avoid all social activities for a period of three weeks from the date of the last contact; kissing or playing with young children must bee strictly forbidden. Where a profession necessitates coming in contact with children (as in the case of nurses and school teachers), even the adults must be quarantined.


Suppression of emotions due to oversensitiveness to criticism, also due to unhappy home life; combined with suppression of gonorrhoea with strong drugs used locally; combined with disappointment in the one thing he wanted to do for a living. It went on into delusions of persecution and a general nervous break which changed him prematurely into an old man and made it seem as if a hospital for the insane lay just ahead.