Pressive headache in right side and occiput. Pain in lowest part of occiput when yawning often preventing its completion. Headache in fresh air as if brain were held in a vise from ear to ear. Transient dizziness from occiput forward, when head is bent forward, when writing. Brainfag. Dull frontal headache which vanished at sunset. Followed by mental exhilaration.


Muscular and articular rheumatism with stitching pains, dark red urine, and hot, perspiring skin: Asclepias Tub. I have used a good deal in obstinate skin diseases, notably in barbers itch, for which it is almost a specific. I prescribe the 3c trituration internally and the cerate rubbed in night and morning. The cerate should be made of the strength of one or two grains of the Iodide to an ounce of cosmoline or some other vehicle: Iodide of Sulphur.


The normally robust, well developed mother during the age when she has pliable muscles with an adjustable pelvis, rarely has a great deal of difficulty, providing the foetus is normal in size and holds a normal position. But a pregnant woman must always be closely observed and checked symptomatically and physically for any deviation from the normal; for the abnormal conditions which are many are our concern.


Lycopodium is also a remedy of stuffed nose. The child can breath but through the mouth, owing to the presence of thick, greenish mucus in the nasal canal and in the throat. Nasal catarrh is always accompanied with headache of the type described above. In girls it is a remedy of amenorrhoea with non-developed breasts. Lycopodium develops the breast in such girls and makes the course appear.


Cinchona is useful in some disease of the bowels, especially when associated with marked tympany. The abdomen is enormously distended; when you percuss it, it gives forth a sound almost like that caused by shaking the tense head of a drum. It is particularly when this tympany occurs early in the disease that china dose good, then this symptom shows early debility.


In conclusion, I beg humbly to state that I being a humble subject of the benign government and an old devotee of Homoeopathy earnestly ingratiated myself for the mercy of my Rulers to commend Homoeopathy as a “state Medicine in India because it is not merely a collection of a few medicines, but a real science with a rational philosophy at its base.


Homoeopathy requires the wholehearted support of the Homoeopathic chemists or it can not exist. Faithful physicians and honest chemists with their endeavours can save Homoeopathy from its impending ruin. The chemists are not eager to perform their duty of saving Homoeopathy. On the other hand they are making the Homoeopathic profession distasteful to the people. They do not care to supply genuine medicine to the profession. They prepare Homoeopathic injections and patient medicines and publish books on Homoeopathic injections.