Asthma, oppression of breathing, alternating with convulsions; weight on chest. Shortness of breath when walking and cough as soon as one stands still: Ignatia. Asthma, old asthmatics; feeling of emptiness after coughing, white expectoration: Illicium. Asthma, can scarcely breathe, accompanied by bloating in epigastric region: Lac. Vacc. Def. Asthma, straitened respiration, lower chest feels too narrow, arouses from sleep, must sit up, weight on chest, better by yawning and stretching; must double up the body when seated, better on throwing back the shoulders: Lactuca.


Our materia medica is rich with rectum and stool symptoms peculiar in children alone and we so frequently come across such symptoms that in the writers opinion a practitioner of homoeopathy can alleviate his difficulties to the minimum in the treatment of children if he can master those peculiarities. Very often he will find his guiding symptoms here.


Inability to utter a sound led her to hide her face with eyes full of tears. I was called in at about 5-30 a.m. On examination I found her pulse to be slightly rapid, otherwise her heart, lungs, respiration were perfectly normal. On my enquiring what happened she tried her level best to say something but being unable to utter any sound embraced her mother-in-law by the neck and began to shed tears.