Not every child can be saved; there is a certain percentage of circumstance against this; but given the opportunity, how many children can be saved to a useful, productive life with increasing opportunities for future generations?.

In order to accomplish sound results we must recognize the sequence of events; we must given due thought to hereditary problems. The delicate child, with silky hair and waxen skin, who develops severe headaches upon application to school work, severe nosebleeds, the tendency to take cold, sensitive to every breeze emotionally unstable, is not manifesting a series of unrelated conditions.

We must realize the tendency for this child to develop an active tuberculosis; and we must recognize it before the x-ray reveals a lesion if we are fair to our healing art and to the childs future. While we know that even if the condition has developed into active manifestations the child may be saved for a healthy future, we must stress the fact that regeneration will not be brought about by careless prescribing.

In other words, we must look to past history for background, to the present symptomatology as a stage in progression, and to our Homoeopathic materia medica for that power which unlocks the patients vital energy to cure, which is our goal for the patients future.


DR. HEIMBACH: I just want to relate my experience with an infant that I delivered at birth. We couldnt get anything to agree with that child, breast milk, or any other combination. It had diarrhoea and vomiting until the child was pretty well emaciated, then I discovered she had influenza. China sulph 30x in two weeks time brought her along very nicely, and she is a very husky girl now.

DR. SPALDING: This paper decries careless prescribing, which, after all, is one of the difficulties of almost everyone. There is no question but that many, many children can be brought to useful manhood and womanhood through the application of a homoeopathic remedy. It is important to get the right remedy to begin with in this sort of work, much as in the cancer cases, and the only thing I could possibly add is that regardless of the time it takes to study the case, do not hurry the prescription; if necessary, observe the child two months, and I believe the work will be very much more satisfactory.

DR. GRIMMER: There is no short cut to real homoeopathic prescribing, but work, work. It seems the farther along the road we get, the more we have to work; the more we can do, the more work we have to do, but we never cease to get a thrill and kick out of a case that is held by a homoeopathic remedy.

DR. PANOS: Dr. Roberts brought out if a child is attended, the child naturally in later life will have less troubles from chronic conditions, not only physically but mentally, and we will have less criminal problems. Healthy minds and healthy bodies make fewer criminals.

I would like to ask Dr. Roberts if he ever had cases where under such prescription the indicated remedy did not restore the child to health, and also if the posture of the child has been taken into consideration. I think that fact should be taken into consideration in the growing child where the indicated remedy does not restore the child to complete health.

DR. ROBERTS: I said in my paper there were cases that were beyond the control of anyone. There is a possibility of that, always. My plea is for the homoeopaths go get back to foundation in prescribing and more of them take up pediatrics. You know this school of medicine can make the “old school” look sick if they just get into pediatrics and do the things that are possibly to be done.

H.A. Roberts
Dr. H.A.Roberts (1868-1950) attended New York Homoeopathic Medical College and set up practrice in Brattleboro of Vermont (U.S.). He eventually moved to Connecticut where he practiced almost 50 years. Elected president of the Connecticut Homoeopathic Medical Society and subsequently President of The International Hahnemannian Association. His writings include Sensation As If and The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy.