Scientists the world over have been searching for natural laws to help them explain and understand natural phenomena, but while regular school medical men are pre-eminent in their claims as scientists, they seemingly resent the idea in therapeutics there may be a natural law that might guide them in their selection of effective therapeutic measures.


After a long course of treatment with Homoeopathic medicines he was made able to do his work but extreme weakness, knee-trouble, boil-like eruptions, painful piles and bad throat refused to yield to that treatment. He sought my help in october 1948. I put him to Ars. A. Radium Brom. and Pyrogen with unsatisfactory results. In January 1949 he received Sulph C.M. which has cured him completely.

Editorial – Homoeopathic Method Of Examination

Observation by sense of smell. As soon as you enter the room you will probably be unable to stay there long because of an offensive smell about the patient or in the room. Now you understand that he is an offensive patient and his discharges are fetid. This is a strong indication.

Eight Years In China

No treatment is possible on purely objective symptoms. I pity the many beginners who, instead of starting with the Organon and a Materia Medica, proceed with a manual where diseases are being treated. They bungle for years, and abandon the Homoeopathy, looking for consolation to complex-electro-Homoeopathy, etc. China was a great experience for me as I learned the British and American Homoeopathy there.

Homoeopathy – What It is?

Apart from the homoeopathic treatment, surely there is a psychological factor here! What patient will not have more confidence in a Physician who knows all his idiosyncrasies, and who takes them all into account – to the patient all the little details are big things. Homoeopathy is essentially an individual treatment – the drug must fit the patient – the individual – not necessarily the disease.