Orthodox procedure is full of such treatments. Thousands of pounds sterling are spent annually in foisting such douches and other local measures on the medical profession and the public. The growing crop of advertisements is everlastingly proving that great numbers of doctors and sufferers are employing such methods, or it would not pay the advertisers to continue, and they would disappear from print.

I OFFER this article first to any or all allopathic doctors, being quite sure that the subject has never been treated thus in any of their medical schools. If they refuse this information, then, my dear unknown lay readers, you seize it as being of untold value to yourselves. Homoeopathic knowledge may be added to from time to time, but the basic truth of Homoeopathy never change, cannot change, as it is a law of nature, just as much as is “gravity”. I have been asked by your Editor to treat this subject briefly to show the homoeopathic way of natural cure. I approach the ailment with the greatest sympathy for all those who suffer from the trouble.

It is to be understood that hardly any trouble of woman is more common, more distressing and more depleting to general health than leucorrhoea. In one form or another, slight or serious, the majority of females suffer thus at some period of life. It is manifest in the nursery, it is acute at puberty, and more persistent at the change of life.

From its very nature, it is generally kept secret by the sufferers. So the trouble is likely to get more or less chronic. A false delicacy of feeling causes this form of ill-health to be unspoken of to the old family physician. Many have heard of and fear a “curetting” (scraping of the womb). Others know of caustic applications which really make the ailment worse and deeper- seated; whilst many others know full well that operations will be ordered by those doctors who dont know their medicines well or by those orthodox men who “dont believe in any medicine at all.”

The average social acquaintance is all too ready to whisper the names of various chemical douches of which she has not the slightest idea as to their ultimate effects, but all of which, we assert, are highly detrimental to the general health in the long run. Before long the secret suffer becomes frantic, morbid, and thinks she is set apart for life-long invalidism.

This is just where Homoeopathy brings encouragement and actual help to all these sufferers-in-secret. Generally speaking, the homoeopathic cure can be accomplished without any local examination, but our method of prescribing, based solely on the “personal symptoms”, they being as “nature speaking”. Most certainly Homoeopathy restores to health in a natural way, by stimulating nature to repair the diseased conditions from within- outwards, Just a word as to sundry “popular” chemical sprays, astringent douches and caustics, etc.

Whenever there is a leucorrhoea, it is because nature is trying to throw off inflammatory and waste products. It is a terminal symptom. The discharge is never the actual cause. Venereal infection is another matter, not to be considered in this article.

Leucorrhoea may be deeply constitutional or more or less local. But it is always beyond the reach of any chemical douche, astringent or caustics, all of which actually aim to dry up and seal the surface glands, along with their secretions, which but show that nature is kindly trying to aid.

The sealed-up inflammation then works deeper, to be heard of later, for the cure of which some kind doctor not well versed in medicines is bound to suggest an operation. Rest assured that any man or woman who prescribes douches. etc. seeking to dry up the discharge whose outlet is the vagina, is actually working a grave injury on the patient.

Orthodox procedure is full of such treatments. Thousands of pounds sterling are spent annually in foisting such douches and other local measures on the medical profession and the public. The growing crop of advertisements is everlastingly proving that great numbers of doctors and sufferers are employing such methods, or it would not pay the advertisers to continue, and they would disappear from print.

I now place before you the alternative. Try the homoeopathic internal stimulation which will cure from within-outwards, and which is saner and safer. Which strikes you as being the more sensible? I implore your earnest thought. Ask yourself how a local wash can cure a constitutional weakness! Such may arise from a profusely depleting, an arrested, or a very irregular menstruation, or some inherited cause.

Leucorrhoea can follow any acute illness or can accompany any chronic ailments that enfeebles the general health. There are still more delicate causes of a leucorrhoea, most often found in those whose minds are disordered by many mundane things, etc. All such nerve strains must be corrected and avoided before beginning medication if a cure is desired. Hahnemann, our founder, said many years ago: “Remove the cause”, which applies yet.

A most common acute cause of leucorrhoea may come from a chilling, from getting the feet wet, or by wearing paper-thin shoe soles, just at or, before, menstruation, when the period is, or can be, arrested for a shorter or longer time, thus rudely upsetting the health.

I must give a warning of a very delicate nature. There are a variety of sexual irritations to be avoided and also certain marital malpractices to thwart and prevent conception, and here remember it is always the woman who will suffer and pay for such doings. There is no escape for her. These practices are most harmful and will sooner or later create a chronic discharge, or very much worse. Hence, I repeat: the woman will pay, and the sum total of it may be cancerous erosions.

When there is recent (acute) leucorrhoea, all injections will tend to turn a temporary discharge into a stubborn or chronic trouble. So take warning.

The vagina, as arranged by nature, is self-cleansing from within-outwards. If any secretion is offensive or noticeable in any way, rest assured that it calls imperatively for some homoeopathic correction at once. It is quite another thing to bathe the external parts, but do avoid allowing even soap lather and any chemical wash entering the vagina, as it will injure that most delicate and sensitive mucous membrane.

If leucorrhoea is seen in the nursery, suspect worms, which, causing vaginal irritation, may lead to some discharge. In later life rectal irritation from piles often causes vaginal irritation with a following leucorrhoea.

Again I remind my readers that the following drug-pictures are not personal opinions. The are most carefully compiled from about 140 years of world-wide homoeopathic practice. Thus they are of proven value and great exactitude.

The suffer must choose her drug most nearly corresponding to her own particular and very delicate symptoms,taking note of general body-types and general departures from normal health as well as of the local symptoms. Then, by taking the homoeopathic drug stimulation, it will cure the disease symptoms by working from within-outwards. It cannot fail if the choice be right.

The few drug-pictures following are to be regarded only a brief introduction to a subject of vital importance to every woman and girl. Many of our homoeopathic medicines are quite unknown to orthodox literature but this is clearly not out fault or of our seeking. Our books have been open pages to al medical men for 140 years. They will not study our methods, and you, the public, have suffered.

Let me advise any reader interested in this subject to buy Dr. Ruddocks Ladys Manual of Homoeopathic Treatment, 12th edition, of any homoeopathic chemist, or of the Homoeopathic Publishing Co., of 12 Warwick Lane, E.C. 4. It is you I am thinking of. I have no financial interest in this book, but a twelfth edition conveys its own message. As a book for fuller reference to the manual named I advise Dr. Wm Boericke. Homoeopathic Materia Medica (I volume). Make your family a fascinating and valuable present and study each drug intensively as we homoeopathic doctors have to. This advice is good for any orthodox doctor, I guarantee.

(I) Pulsatilla (3x, 6x or 30) cures leucorrhoea when symptoms are closely as follows:- At first the discharge is bland (non- excoriating), thick, creamy or milky. Later it gives rise to a burning sensation as the discharge changes to become thin and acrid; and later there may be some swelling of the outer parts (labia). Pulsatilla patient always have leucorrhoea worse during the menses or at the time when the normal menses should occur (compare Sepia which is worse before menses).

The Pulsatilla type of patient often has delayed or suppressed menstrual flow. This irregularity occurs chiefly at about puberty or at any time when due to getting the feet wet, or thoroughly chilled, just as the period is due (this conveys the hint that you should protect the feet). Pulsatilla will re-establish the normal flow if general symptoms agree. Many have leucorrhoea in place of normal periods which this remedy will make normal again. The Pulsatilla patients are, constitutionally, sad to tearful.

They are very chilly individuals and rather undecided in character, and are subject to indigestion from any fatty foods with pronounced thirstlessness and some anaemia, though many find some of their symptoms rapidly change from day to day. They are always better in the open air, they are generally of a blonde and fair type. Leucorrhoea in the nursery responds well to this remedy. Such is the range and drug- picture of the Pulsatilla patient.

(2) Calcarea carbonica (6x, 12x or 30). Here, as everywhere, the general personal symptoms are of the highest importance. The constitutional type of all patients is ever to be considered. The leucorrhoea is milky and at times profuse, but the type of patient leaves no doubt as to which drug to employ. This type is prone to flabby fat, to enlarge glands, acidity, very cold and damp feet and with fingers cold and waxy-white which go dead half-way up the elbow or knee. They may have profuse local sweats over the body, but especially about the head and nape of neck. They are pale, over-plump, too fat, and have very soft tissues.

The menses are generally very profuse to flooding and they also occur at too short an interval between periods. This leucorrhoea is worse just before the menses (Pulsatilla during menses), and it is often accompanied with itching and burning or shooting pains through the parts. Hahnemann said, “If menses are on time and flow normal Calcarea carbonica will do not good.” Very often the body odour is sour (which shows the folly of trying to cure symptoms with local chemicals). Nature speaks thus with peculiar symptoms to suggest the internal curative remedy. Can anyone, professional or lay, mistake these two remedies?.

(3) Iodium (6x, 12x or 30). This is better for chronic leucorrhoea which stains the linen yellow; the flow is abundant and so corrosive as to eat holes in the garments; the type of patients is pale, cachectic (waxy-white to greenish-yellow skin), the breasts often waste away with the general bodily emaciation. The leucorrhoea is yellow, thick and so acrid as to excoriate the limbs and is worse at time of menses, which it does not displace. It is sometimes thin and very offensive, with swelling of the deeper structures, even to a hardening of various deeper structures behind the mucous membranes.

Both these conditions will be known by the sensation of local fullness. Patients are generally ravenously hungry, yet remain thin or are getting thinner all the time, and they generally feel better whilst eating or when the stomach is full. Such is the curative drug- picture of Iodum, but only very minute quantities of this drug will cure. Large orthodox doses which are to be tasted and which can be seen will end in making symptoms worse every time.

(4) Kreosotum (6x, 12x or 30). Here is another corrosive type of drug for comparison. Kreosotum has won many laurels for Homoeopathy when used in our minute dosage. The leucorrhoea is worse between menses (Iodium worse during menses). This leucorrhoea is acrid, corrosive and very offensive. The type of patients are dark-skinned poorly nourished, ill-developed, whilst children and young people are overgrown, and they look old and with some wrinkles. In these leucorrhoeas there is violent itching of outer parts and in vagina, all symptoms are worse in open air (Pulsatilla better in open air), all symptoms worse from cold weather, from washing or bathing with cold water and are worse at rest and especially when lying down.

(5) Mercurius solubilis (6x,12x or 30). This leucorrhoea is yellowish with great local soreness and itching, at first it is thin, unhealthy-looking, excoriating, later becoming thicker and less irritating. All symptoms are worse at night, in chronic cases the discharge may turn green and corrosive to the parts it touches, when there will be tiny ulcerations on internal and external parts of the vagina; breath has bad odour as of old cheese, great weariness, sallow complexion, general coldness. Such is this distinctive drug-picture of this valuable remedy if used in minute doses.

(6) Sepia (6x, 12x or 30). No list of remedies for leucorrhoea would be perfect without this drug, which is quite unknown to orthodoxy. It cures venous congestions. The discharge is yellowish-green and often very offensive, milky at first, it is worse before menses. Uterus enlarged and cervix hardened (indurated), just the sort of thing a surgeon would call “ripe for operation.” You may know that the womb is enlarged because you are aware of it and it feels as if it would fall out and you are more comfortable when you cross your legs, which pressure supports the womb in place. When an organ is healthy, you never think of it, or know you have it.

There is much irritability of the bladder, with frequent urging to pass water in a great hurry. There may be many discolorations of the skin, especially just over the bridge of the nose, called butterfly-wings because of the symmetry, there my be very dark rings round the eyes and even patches of brown on chest and abdomen and generally discolorations in the flexures of the big joints; great backache low down (sacro-lumbar region) much sadness and inclination to weep, yet dreads to be alone; empty all-gone sensation round stomach; tongue foul but becomes clear at each menstrual period to become foul after menses; urine deposits a reddish clay-coloured sediment, which adheres to the vessel and which is very foetid, even so offensive that it must be removed from the room, urine often rottenly offensive after standing. That periods are painful.

This gives a brief but comprehensive disease-picture of what Sepia will cure, but one need not have all the symptoms before beginning this drug, which has the power to cheat many a surgeon of a contemplated operation. In fact all homoeopathic help will reduce the chances of operations. Nothing like this was ever written in an allopathic standard work to guide their men and to save womanhood. All medicines enumerated above certainly go deeper than can be reached by any local douche. How can such things be cured by injections?.

(7) Stannum 6x must be in trituration form made into tablets; 12x to 30 in liquid or in pill form; if the 6x trituration is used as a tablet, place one or two tablets dry under the tongue and forget them there. Repeat as for other medicines.

Leucorrhoea cured by this remedy is clear, transparent or tinged yellow,, and at times even watery, with great bearing down sensation; menses too early and too profuse. This type of patient complains of terrible weakness and an empty sensation proceeding as from the stomach or chest, so weak she cannot walk, so weak that “she drops into a chair” Whenever possible. Sensations of, or actual falling of, the womb (prolapse).

Some of these patients declare that they have great weakness in the chest. She says she is more fatigued on going downstairs than when ascending. She says she is very sad and wants to cry all the time and any odours from the kitchen cause desire to vomit. With this leucorrhoea there are generally cramping pains around the navel, made temporarily better by strong pressure.

Face pale, with dark circle round the eyes. Headaches worse in forehead and temples. Practically all these sensations are related voluntarily by these patients, often using the exact words given above and such women have generally some actual womb displacements with this leucorrhoea. Can any vivisectionists obtain such word- pictures from their super-science?.

(8) Xanthoxylum fraxinum (1x, 3x to 30). This type of patient is a bunch of fighting nerves and she will fight hysterically at times. Leucorrhoea takes the place of menses, at first like serum from wounds, being slightly sticky, or like meat scrapings and washings. The leucorrhoea is variable but not excoriating. The guiding-key-note for this remedy is the terribly neuralgic pains proceed from the ovaries, going down the front of the thighs to the knees; the neuralgic pain is stated to be terrible, pain so severe as to end in pure hysterical symptoms and general loss of self-control, fighting the family and throwing things about as I have actually seen and cured thus.

(9) Actea racemosa. Also named Cimicifuga racemosa (3x, 6x or 30) with preference for the lower strengths in acute attacks. The leucorrhoea here is chiefly bland and thin, but the guide for this remedy is a rheumatic-neuralgic base or subject. With the leucorrhoea there is bearing down and sensation of weight in the womb region; great pain in one or both ovaries, shivers, nervous shuddering, menses tend to being delayed or suppressed, some hysterical spasm at time of menses, but not nearly as violently so, and nerves out of control, as with Xanthoxylum.

For this remedy to be of use we find that the womb pains fly transversely across the body from hip-joint to hip-joint; patient often complain of severe pains under the left breast, they fearing that it is the heart which is diseased, headaches are worse above the nape of neck, alternating with top of head, which feels as if would fly open, often with lightning-like pains in upper part of spine, sudden great flow of water-clear urine, with mind very disturbed during sleep.

Again I challenge any vivisectionist to trot out their “dog-symptoms” and relate their “dog-sensations.” Have the vivisectionists ever recorded one subjective dog symptoms? All the above knowledge would have been lost to the world had but vivisectionists been working with this remedy on their dogs.

(10) Hydrastis canadensis (3x to 6x). This is a very different picture of trouble, though the diagnosis is identical. This leucorrhoea is profuse, yellow, of an extremely tenacious character; frequently it contains long shreds, it hangs down from the vagina in long strings, hard to detach (you will note the same character of discharge as in coughs with much phlegm (see article “Coughs”).

The type of the mucus decides the choice of the drug. Sometimes the leucorrhoea has a strong odour; all such patients will be weak and faint with, oftener than not, some digestive trouble; skin has usually a yellow tinge. Such cases have some ulcerations of mouth of womb (cervix), and in the vagina, but Hydrastis cures this disease-picture.

(11) Helonias dioica (1x, 3x to 6x). Here again we have another clearly defined disease-picture, so clear that any lay reader cannot fail in a decision. For this remedy to be indicated the leucorrhoea will be dark, offensive and constant; it flows more profusely with every exertion. Outer parts are swollen, red and feel hot even to burning at times; local irritation very great caused by superficial ulcerations; will scratch or rub until parts become raw. There is much curdy secretion noted.

Abdomen bloats up every evening when clothes feel too tight. The great keynote of this remedy is-the consciousness of a womb because of its weight and soreness (if your or any other organ is normal you practically dont know of its existence).

There is very often some prolapse (sagging of the womb from atony of the muscular ligaments holding it in position; menses of such subjects are too frequent and too profuse and the breasts often swell with nipples painful and tender (this is uterine reflex irritation), urine generally in excess of normal amount and over-charged with waste products, but dont worry too much about its analysis at this time, though analyses have their uses. Helonias will cure many matters along with the leucorrhoea.

Anyhow, the urinary analysis changes from day to day, any from meal to meal, and I have seen people kept ill and nervous by too frequent urinary analysis. These patients can outline their kidneys by some burning sensation, they are nearly always melancholy with great general debility and anaemia very marked, pains in the back are very low down, the patient always feels better when hard at work, or fully occupied, shall I say. For such cases clearly pictured, Helonias is a direct womb nerve tonic, but it does not follow that all the symptoms enumerated must be present.

Get these “friends of women” clearly in your mind, they will save many from an operation. The foregoing are clear, concise homoeopathic indications for these special and particular remedies. No wonder our methods are styled “the New Art of Healing,” though we have had these helps for over 140 years. These special ailments are all called leucorrhoea, but note how they differ in character. You cannot think that any one drug will fit and cure all these types. Any school girl can make a choice of the correct remedy and so can you, my unknown lay reader. They are present to you because orthodox practitioner wont study same. This is your distinct loss.

Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle
BIO: Dr. Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle 1861 – 1955 was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. He served as editor of the International Homeopathic Medical Directory and Travelling Secretary to the International Homeopathic Society.