As a result of heroic treatment in the Hospital with countless injections and bitter mixtures his health was almost ruined. Boils began to appear (1934) on his body, especially on his back. Twice, after 1934, he had inflammation of the knee- joint for which he had to apply to surgeons for help. Inspite of two surgical operations his knee remained defective.


Headache accompanied by fretfulness. Pressive frontal headache very much increased by stooping. Heat of head with dark red face, with coldness of rest of body, with thirst and pain in limbs when moving. Pain like a heaviness which pressed upon sore spot, in morning when lying on back, extending to shoulders. Scalp very sensitive to touch, even of hat. Pain beginning in occiput or finally become seated there associated with dryness of mouth, thirst and coated tongue. Headache after washing in cold water when face is perspiring, increased by opening eyes.


This manifestation, however, occurs in only a small percentage of cases attacked; and it is probable that many patients suffering from this complaint recover without a true diagnosis having been made. This is the more probable as the initial symptoms are usually those of a common cold, or sore throat, or mild influenza, or the symptoms usually met with in the beginning of one of the acute childish illnesses, such as measles.


Macular cases often develop into a tubercular or nodular type. The disease is hereditary or it may be communicated by contact of a sore or abrasion of the skin with leprous discharge. It is caused by Bacillus leprae. A thickening of the lobes of the ears and of the skin of the forehead is often the first manifestation of the disease. Bed bugs are often accused of transmitting the disease.


Orthodox procedure is full of such treatments. Thousands of pounds sterling are spent annually in foisting such douches and other local measures on the medical profession and the public. The growing crop of advertisements is everlastingly proving that great numbers of doctors and sufferers are employing such methods, or it would not pay the advertisers to continue, and they would disappear from print.


Lycopodium acts favourably in all ages but especially upon old people and children. It acts upon people of keen intellect, but feeble muscular development, lean people leaning toward lung and liver troubles. Such people are apt to suffer form “uric acid diathesis” for which this is also a great remedy. The Lycopodium patient is sallow, sunken, with premature lines in his face; looks older than he is.


This question may be very difficult to answer in complicated cases and I would prefer rather to communicate with an expert, before the patient is condemned to loose all his teeth, to have his tonsils removed or his sinuses operated on. I stress the point, that indiscriminate eradicated of diseases tonsils or wholesale extraction of teeth is unjustified and does not in the least prevent relapses of rheumatic diseases.