Editorial – Distinctive Features Of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy wants to grow side by side with her sister allopathy and never desires to overthrow or overtop her. The case system in medicine should be forgotten and then the two sister medicines will work together and bestow upon mankind a wealth of health and happiness. Therefore neglect or suppression of homoeopathy is quite unwarrantable and unthinkable. Such powerful drugs have every claim to receive governmental recognition and support.

Orthodox Medicine & Homoeopathy – A Comparison

Medicine is ruled by fashion not by sense or by science. A century ago it was the fashion to “bleed profusely” even people who were dying of lack of blood or who had lost much blood from injury. Without any sense bleeding and leeching have been abandoned, and now every doctor uses the subcutaneous syringe. The journal. The Lancet, should be re-christened.