Many remedies not mentioned here, have their place in the treatment of influenza. To the beginner, in prescribing, many of these symptoms are regarded as erroneous.The beginner must not make the mistake of trying to pick his remedy on the symptoms common to the disease. The remedy is chosen on the individual symptoms of the patient, his reaction to the disease. Influenza has certain earmarks found in every case.


The Government made casual efforts for its preventive and curative treatment. In conformity with the terms of free trade, nations outside the British commonwealth brought in this country a good many anti-malarial medicines. Germany made tremendous profit from the sale of Plasmochin and atabrine but their prohibitive price did not allow the mass to buy their benefit.


A nation of die hard materialists as they are, they would not realise the importance of Vayu, Pitta and Kauf, the Tridosha, nor would learn to feel these to an exactitude placing their fingers over the pulse of the patient; they want to have it demonstrated by means of a mechanical instrument, such as they do with the aid of Sphygmomanometer. Their pachydermatous finger-tips and quaky nerves are too unsteady to receive the subtle impulse of Tridosha.


It is scouted by the graduates of the regular school of medicine without studying its art and science, for which they have neither the brain nor the leisure, for their entire time must be devoted to eke out a pittance to live and to keep up an appearance. But persons who profess to have dedicated themselves to the service of their country and countrymen are expected to be always alert and above influence and example of the fashionable rich.


The writer does not actually know, of course, whether any do need or desire more business, because the homoeopath is usually a busy doctor but we believe the method proposed will, if pushed to its practical conclusion, make the practice more special as an enterprise and as a calling. The suggested means is so simple on the face of it that it may not mean much to the uninitiated until it is either thought out carefully or unless one is quick to visualize the situation and its consequences at once.


If your case appears to be locked or doesnt repertorize out well or the seemingly indicated remedy fails to act there is either of two things happening, namely, a less well proven remedy that doesnt repertorize out high in the totality remembering that your polychrests are proven over and over again and it is they that usually rank high; or else a mental remedy is indicated.


The patients keen direct vision gave Dr. Chance his diagnostic clue. Her staggering must be caused, he reasoned, by some defect in her side-to-side vision. Further investigation revealed a tumor pressing on the optic nerves as they extended from the brain. The tumor was removed by a neural surgeon, and the patient regained both her full vision and her reputation for temperance.


In spite of this capricious appetite, Johnson, like all Sulphur patients, was always thirsty. One day at Richard Cumberlands, when Johnson asked for another cup of tea, Sir Joshua Reynods reminded him that hed already had eleven cups. “Sir”, said Johnson, “I did not count your glasses of wine why should you number up my cups of tea? His record was twenty-five cups at one sitting.


The Schick and tests are quite reliable tests of susceptibility to diphtheria and scarlet respectively, but the attempted immunity against diphtheria by toxin and antitoxin, or toxoid antitoxin mixture, and against scarlet fever by scarletinal toxin throws or injects into the system a foreign matter the potency of which we have, so far, never been able to fully measure.


New ones were coming all the time and it looked as if the whole body would soon be covered. The entire body had very much the appearance of confluent smallpox, except that the pustules did not have the characteristic central depression of smallpox. She was unable to wear any clothing, only a gown, and that was open in front. Even her nipples were covered with pustules, threatening destruction.


In conclusion I would like to say that it is my firm belief that this is the medicine of the future. I say medicine because a patient must be classified as to whether he needs medicine or surgery or mechanical treatment or only advice. If he needs medicine and most people do then the deep study of pure Homoeopathy becomes the medicine of the new age now dawning.


The difference comes in material taught, in that it essentially covers a system of therapeutics as applied under a special doctrine of thinking and reasoning, together with the materia medica available at one time which seemed adequate in the minds of many for the diagnosis and treatment of disease and human ills. There are still many, who feel that such a system is adequate for the practice of medicine.