Laughing: Arg-m. Arg-n. Chin. Phos. Stann. Lying: Apis. Caust. Con. Hyosc. Kreos. Puls. Rumex. Sang. Ambr. Am-m. Ant-t. Aral. Arg-n. Arn. Ars-a. Bar-c. Bell. Bry. Calc-c. Calc-s. Caps. Carb-a. Carb-v. Cham. Coc-c. Colch. Dros. Dul. Ipec. Kali-c. Kali-p. Kali-s. Lach. Laur. Lyc. Mag-p. Med. Meph. Merc. Nat-m. Phos. Psor. Rhus-t. Ruta. Seneg. Sep. Sil. Sulph. Thuj. Zinc. On back: Am-m. Ars-a. Nat-m. Nat-s. Nux-s. Phos. Sep. Spong.


However, such a wide latitude was possible that he only offered the above as a working hypothesis to commence with, and to tread as delicately as possible on the beginners preconceptions. The necessity for this was evidenced by many enquirers being choked off by incredulity, before they had time to make any practical, individual, and convincing, experiments in homoeopathic prescribing, for themselves.


Then there were a couple of cases which really are mental, and yet they come in under the sphere of the sex organs. They were both cases of onanism, one in girl of 27 who had done it from the time she was a child, and I had had her as a patient for aphthae of the mouth, which she had horribly. I put her on Kali mur. which helped her very much. She confessed this other thing to me one day and apparently it was very serious.