This is very important as regards prognosis and treatment, but it is very difficult to get a reliable statement of the family history. The relatives are usually sensitive about their position and have a great tendency to conceal anything that may affect the reputation of the family. They usually put very little importance to the family history, even history of grave insanity in direct relatives are described in a very light and insignificant way.


About three thousand registered Homoeopathic practitioners now appear on the roll, but they have no recognition in any Government or semi-government hospital or dispensary, neither in collieries not tea garden; they have no place in any concourse of the major medical fraternity. We should now cry halt, take stock and mend commissions and omissions. How long should we suffer Bengals Homoeopathy scoffed at?.


Bone felons; run-arounds; deforming the nail; worse heat; splinter-like pains; tendons and cartilages attacked; suppurating, numbing sticking pain. Sulph. Hangnail; as of a sticking splinter; burning crawling; prickling; worse hanging down; tearing drawing; shooting; worse evening.


The mental attitude of most medical men is a clear example of how far distorted reasoning may subvert logic; withal, a few rise above their training and thereby pay a glorious tribute to the power of indwelling light and truth. These men soon outgrow the fetters of an ultimately reactionary teaching, being helped materially thereto by disinterested work for the uplift of others.


Homoeopathic literature for many years past is replete with clinical case showing the successful handling of this type of surgery the homoeopathic way (in fact, I have myself contributed some of them) and I and many others in this society have abundant proof that it is as right as rain. So now I ask you to swallow your prejudices, set aside your fear, and try the old and reliable homoeopathic law.


Low spirited; ill humor; weeping; constant hot, vertex headache; acidity of stomach; skin symptoms or piles, suppressed, pruritus ani or vulvae; weak, faint spells in a.m.; menorrhagia; flashes followed by prostration, hungry feeling or cold sweat; skin dry; hunger at 11 a.m.; suffocation, wants window and doors open.


The best preventive for chronicity recurrent attacks in adult or child is the constitutional homoeopathic remedy, chosen by individualization based on the totality of the symptoms, which is Natures own request and guide. The same can be said for frequent attacks of so-called surgical troubles: tonsillitis, appendicitis, piles, duodenal ulcers, bleeding fibroids and many others.


Clinically diseased potato is used in the following cases: Prolapse of anus. Painful breasts. Offensive breath. Constipation. Epistaxis. Headache. Irritability. Noma. Offensive odour of body. Pruritus vulvae. Painful scalp. Sciatica. Scurvy. Darkness of skin. Tenesmus. Cracked tongue. Vertebrae painful. Pulsation in vertebrae.


The administration of any drug in sufficient quantities to the healthy human organism will produce a particular set of symptoms peculiar to that drug. When that particular set of symptoms shows itself in disease, sufficiently small quantities of the same drug will alleviate or cure the disease. This seems to be a natural law which is capable of repeated demonstration. It is the essence homoeopathy, expressed as the “Law of Similars.”.