It is present over each knuckle, patella and olecranon process, and just above the coccyx. Calc. fluor. 3x., 2 tablets every three hours, caused most of these cartilaginous deposits to suppurate away. There came first an opening in the skin over the swelling, and then discharged a thin serous looking fluid for about a week. During this time the swelling dwindled in size, until when it was all gone, the skin healed over.

In the daily routine of our homoeopathic practice we meet with many patients who are really desirous of being relieved or cured of their ailments. There are also a certain percent of patients who are not so much interested in getting relief, as they are in the investigation of their symptoms. These are in truth, a sort of “window shopping” class, and were ably presented to the laity in Dr. Cronins book, The Citadel. Such patients are to a serious minded physician a veritable “pain in the neck”.

There are among this class, however, the odd bonafide sufferers who has been placed there, not by their own volition, but by the incompetence and ignorance of the various physicians and cultists to whom they have applied for treatment. We must therefore ever be on the alert that such genuine sufferers may receive the full measure of blessed relief which the Hahnemannian system has to offer.

Where cure and relief is possible in these seeming functional cases, it will take place so quickly and easily as to astonish both the patient and physician. Many of these cases are so obscured by multiplicity of symptoms that it will take all the ingenuity and skill of the physician to evaluate and determine the really important symptoms from the great mass of unimportant ones. The following short cases will illustrate my remarks:.

Mrs. S., age 32, from out of town, complains of neuralgic pains of great severity in head, back, arms. They come following excitement and exertion. Working, stooping, becoming fatigued, brings on these pains, which are relieved by rest and quiet. She has been a sufferer for five years, has consulted many doctors, is nervous, dark, slender, has a temper, and is very skeptical of my many questions and ability.

Because she helped to pigeon-hole herself as a nervous patient, my first prescriptions of Valerian 200 proved a failure. My second prescription was Bryonia 10M. Two letters followed at monthly intervals; they expressed in a material way her thanks and gratitude for almost instantaneous, and so far, permanent relief (one year).

Mrs. T., age 38, marked, mother of two children attending public school; became first depressed, frightened to remain in her own home alone, thinks she has sinned, and what is the use of going to a doctor, her case can only be settled by God. She thinks of suicide and is afraid to be left alone. Hyoscyamus 200 once a week effected a remarkable change, and in two months she has returned to her home and family.

Hugh, age 2, has never placed any food or article whatever in his own mouth. Has to be fed always, vomits on slightest provocation, has had four childrens specialists to date is cross, irritable, teething; the lips are swollen, protruding, and the buccal cavity is covered with small ulcers. The gums and mouth look purple as if painted with indelible ink. The specialists diagnosis is trench mouth.

The purple hue is due to an antiseptic application. The child is constantly picking his sore lips and frequently is seen with his finger up the nostril. Arum triphyllum 200. The mouth infection cleared up within a week. The child then received Cina 200 once a month for three months. He vomits no longer, attempts to feed himself, sleeps well, is good natured and is gaining in weight.

Betty S., age 4. Small, serious, will not eat, will not sleep, has been taking luminal nightly for two months, which only gives about two hours of sleep. The child is not gaining, never wants to eat, and is extremely difficult to manage. The parents are worn out and have had her to three specialists. She sleeps in the knee-chest position when she does sleep. Medorrhinum 200, a single dose. The child now eats, well, sleeps well, is more easily managed. and is gaining weight steadily.

Mrs. F., an old lady, for years an invalid and entirely bed- ridden, developed an inclination to bite. This habit grew rapidly more marked, she broke off several teeth, had to have silver cups to drink out of, and could dent a silver spoon. She made every effort to bite the nurse and would bare her teeth, much like a dog when preparing to bite. Lyssin 200 once a week for three weeks stopped this tendency almost immediately.

Mr. T.,strong young man, farm laborer. Last winter he spent lumbering in a northern lumbar camp. There he developed hot burning hands, he could not wear gloves even in sub-zero weather. The hands were swollen, redder than normal, painful, and burned so he would rub them with snow. Ledum 200 at infrequent intervals completely cured this condition.

Mrs. W., age 73, is in a rest home operated by her daughter. Five years ago she suffered an apoplectic stroke; since then she has been very difficult to manage. She is continually calling her daughter, and despite the continued use of many sedatives, has made herself a great nuisance to the other patients. Stramonium 200 every few days worked a miracle. She is now quiet and more like her former self.

Mrs. H., age 54, stout, florid, has been expectorating bright red blood for the last month. She has no chest signs, the S.B.P. is 148. In every other way she appears to be perfectly well. Flushing and hemoptysis are the only symptoms. Ferr. met. 200, one doses. The blood ceased within twenty-four hours and did not return.

Miss H., age 34, slender, brown hair and eyes, has menstrual pains of a bearing down nature and menstrual headaches; as a child was car sick. Abdominal palpation discloses what appears to be a large uterine fibroid rising into the abdomen above the pubes. Sepia 10M. a dose every three months, relieved the headaches. She has been a patient for eighteen months, the fibroid is no longer palpable.

Mr. B., about 40, apparently hopeless case of heart disease, dropsy to the groins and across the lower back, and hands and face. The liver is down about four inches. This man has had digitalis without relief. Corn silk tea proved very helpful for about a week, and then improvement stopped. Podophyllum CM., a dose a day for three weeks. Wonderful improvement, liver now only two inches below the rib margin, heart more regular, dropsy gone. Patient up and about in two months; will probably have a recurrence in time, but this action of Podophyllum is not found in our materia medica, and is well worth further investigation.

Miss L., age 58, arterial hypertension of years; she is unmarried, is a sales girl in a department store. In August, fell and scraped the skin just above the right malleolus. An ulcer developed rapidly; in the first week of September it was the size of a dime, extremely painful, could not stand the slightest touch. Base is watery looking and pale, no pus, but slight serous discharge, pains intolerable, worse at night, aggr. leg elevated. No remedy prescribed (Merc, kali bi.,Nitric acid, Rhus tox., Hepar sulph.) gave relief.

The suffering of this poor woman was beyond description. She has a sister with pernicious anaemia, one with osteoporosis, and a niece with peg teeth. Kali iod. 1x. 2 tablets q. 2 h., worked a miracle. No pains, and ulcer healed in two weeks. This action of Kali iod. was certainly homoeopathic in this case, and the intensity of the pains and nightly aggravation, and aggravation from foot, or part, being elevated, is well worth making a note of.

Mr. McC., age 64. Tall, dark hair, blue eyes, speaks with a husky voice which is frequently very weak. Has had arthritis deformans for fifteen years. Hands, elbows, knees, hips and sacral region are painful, weak and deformed. He walks stooped and with great difficulty. Over each affected joint there is a large deposit of what feels like cartilage; this is not tender and it is movable.

It is present over each knuckle, patella and olecranon process, and just above the coccyx. Calc. fluor. 3x., 2 tablets every three hours, caused most of these cartilaginous deposits to suppurate away. There came first an opening in the skin over the swelling, and then discharged a thin serous looking fluid for about a week. During this time the swelling dwindled in size, until when it was all gone, the skin healed over. These deposits are noted in Herings Guiding Symptoms, under Calc. fluor.

Miss G., age 18, dark hair, plump, has thirty-four warts on her hands. Has no symptoms I can discover. Was car sick as a child, when riding in street cars. Sepia CM. 1 dose. Warts vanished in a month.

The Homoeopathic Recorder

Vol. LV., No. 12.

Kenneth A Mclaren