The Bengal Assembly and the Bengal Council are to be nominated, the Government will nominate two, and one non-Homoeopath will at last be co-opted by the rest of the General Council. The members of the Council shall then proceed to elect their President and one Vice-president. This together with the Registrar (Ex-officio) will constitute the General Council and Faculty under section 2 of the Statutes.


Anacardium has a so-called “nervous” type of indigestion relived by food. This is the type of indigestion which precedes actual formation and it is in this stage that one may hope to cure. Later when an ulcer has formed, more than mere drug therapy will be required before the ulcer will heal. Homoeopathic drug therapy is directed against those conditions which tend to ulceration.


The impression you get of the child is that it is tired. tired mentally and tired physically-just generally weary. And in spite of that, they are restless, twitchy, fidgety. And one of the almost constant things that I have come across in the Zinc. children is that when they are tired they get a very persistent, aching pain in the lower cervical region, very often with burning pains going right down the back.


In Calcutta and old Brahmin widow of seventy, as diagnosed by a prominent allopath, was showing signs of uterine tumour. Her suffering was unspeakable, she was constantly experiencing a burning sensation in her uterus for over four years. The writer gave Myristica Sebifera 3x (liquid). Within fifteen days of the application of the medicine, the patient began to show clear signs of improvement.


The patient now very earnestly implored me to do something for evacuating the uterine content as she greatly dreaded that her old symptoms might relapse. Fully conscious as I am that no local interference in such a condition is permissible in the Hahnemannian school of medicine, I soothed her fears and assured her that now it is my time to get on to her uterine contents.


Absolute aversion to do nay mental or physical work; would not care to walk even a few yards. All grit gone. Extremely chilly now a days although formerly a warm person. Constant nausea especially aggravated in the mornings. Absolutely no desire to eat anything. Distention of left side of abdomen with a rising ball sensation and colicky pain. Constipation. Constant heaviness of head.


The husband of the patient was transferred to same other place & he left with his family. The attacks increased. I learnt from the husband that she was not prepared to leave her own house & go with her husband only because she had one intimate female friend. She was not prepared to part with her. Hearing the above statement.