The taste of these patent medicines are cleverly made so delicious that it tempts the doctors to use the samples themselves. It remind us of Sir R. N. Chopras pertinent and very true remarks that any drug advertised in a medical journal is considered to be useful if it is backed by testimonials. “It does not seem to be realized that, in addition to a large number of useful and patent drugs on the market, there must be a host of others of doubtful value.


This is a congenital defect of the skin which renders it extremely sensitive to the slightest injury. In those affected the slightest knock is sufficient to produce a blister. The disease is hereditary, and can often be traced to a considerable number of member of a family. The lesions usually appear first in early infancy, but occasionally they have occurred for the first time later in life.


Moreover, the alkaloids are not the only constituents of the plants.” This last sentence should be noted by all with the greatest advertence. The allopathic physicians greatest contemplation is to palliate a single trouble, while the homoeopathic physicians greatest and only concern is the whole individual patient, the totality of his symptoms. Now-a-days, injections are getting overabused.


Chamomilla kids are awfully liable to get attacks of acute colic. I think mostly they get attacks of acute colic because they are given in to by their parents; they see something that they want and scream until they get it, and that evening they come down with acute abdominal colic mostly the fault of the parents.