Painful swelling anteriorly and externally. Cracking in vertebrae; on bending head backward, with stiffness of nape. Sticking in nape on stooping. Bruised pain and tension in nape and between scapulae, which go to shoulder on moving the head. Drawing pain in right side; in nape and scapulae. Stiffness. Paralytic sprained pain in nape.


Adventitiously or for favour of Fortune or for deserving merit a few practitioners succeed in amassing huge sums of money by practising Homoeopathy and then only to bequeath their great harvest of wealth to their heirs to live in sweet idleness or in prodigality. It is their wealth and not their sacrifice for Homoeopathy that raise them to the ranks of Homoeopathic hierarchy.


In conclusion, may I say that the future outlook for homoeopathy is not in the least a pessimistic one, despite the lessening in our ranks by the loss of many of our veteran prescribers. For strangely enough, brilliant minds trained in physiological methods are finding in the Hahnemannian way the open sesame to truly scientific medicine. Yea, verily, a great heritage is that bequeathed to us by this greatest of all masters of medicine.


Nosodes form a splendid addition to our armamentarium; but if we dont know how to supplement them with other remedies we are just as badly off as if we didnt know how to supplement other remedies by the use of the nosodes. I give it to show that the Law of Similars is applicable in all respects to the use of the nosodes as it is to the use of other homoeopathic remedies.


Patients suffering from ulcer of the stomach often respond promptly and satisfactorily to this routine of eating. Sweets with meats and sugar with the acid fruits are combinations which will cause discomfort in many cases of impaired digestion. However, one of the biggest offenders is starchy foods. It requires a longer time to digest starch than any other type of food.


Finally she said, “In these attacks I feel as though my stomach hit my backbone.” I asked her to try stretching during the pain and she found it agreeable. Wassermann and blood count negative. Stools tended to be in little black balls. Plumbum 1m, one dose, produced rapid improvement and the colics, which had been coming every day or two for four months, have now been absent for five weeks.


She improved rapidly and seemed well until a week ago. She then became listless. Cold hand and feet. Dark swellings under the eyes; worse in the morning. Urine scanty, albuminous. Drowsy, with frequent yawning. Apis Mellifica CM. Fincke, one powder. Health was restored without further medication.