The Poet Laureate had a predilection for Homoeopathic and Biochemic Medicine. His Sriniketan always had a good supply of these medicines for his personal use as well as for the treatment of the poor villagers who used to flock to him whenever they were sick. It was one of his fond desires to found a Chair for Homoeopathy at his Visva Bharati, but unfortunately for us he passed away before it could be fulfilled.


Each of which is subdivided into three grades; or first, second and third degree. Now, get this classification and dont forget it, because it is vital, if we are even going to be able to take a case and by our analysis of its symptoms, determine which remedy is the similimum. A General Symptom is one that belongs to the whole patient, a symptom that predicates the patient himself.


The Bryonia constipation results from dryness of the alimentary tract. The stools are large dry and hard, and small hard stools with ineffectual efforts indicate Lycopodium and Sulphur. Marked inactivity of the rectum characterises Alumina, the evacuation of even a soft stool requires great effort. Nux vomica is one of the best remedies to counteract the effect of allopathic dosing.


The Cyclopaedia of Drug Pathogenesis records thirtyone provings. Both sexes took part in these provings. The ages of the provers ranged all the way from one to fortyone years. Many of the provers were physicians. Both dilutions and triturations were used. The size of the doses also varied from one drop of the tincture to one hundred twenty drops; from one drop of the 30th to one hundred drops. Of the trituration, from one grain to ninty grains.