Homoeopathic Education

Warped by false principles, classic medicine usually advocates injurious treatments. It is confined in large part to suppressing and camouflaging symptoms or to bombarding the organisms with hypodermics and finally succeeds in only shifting instead of in removing the evil, and in the hospitals with chronic incurable cases, insane, tuberculous, cancerous, sclerotic, etc.


The emblematic figures of Asklepios, an an old man reclining on a staff with snakes coiling around it and his sister Hygeia as a woman holding a snake in one hand and a bowl in the other are well known. The Roman mark of healing “Caudeceus is represented by flying wings attached to a staff with a pair of snakes coiling round it. According to Hindu ideas Seshanaga holds his hood of a thousand heads over the head of Sri Bhagawan, the Lord of the universe. Siva, who revealed the Ayurveda to the world, has been shown with coils of snake round His neck.


Nerves specially affected by the snake poisons seem to be the Pneumogastric, Spinal, Accessory; constantly symptoms of the larynx, of the respiration and of the heart are characteristic. All of them cause choking, constrictive sensation coming from the irritation of the Pneumogastric. All of them have dyspnoea and heart symptoms.


The individual behind the disease is shown in what we call the generals of the patient, i.e. his reactions as a whole, mental and physical, to environment. These general symptoms, both mental and physical, are especially important when they denote a change from the patients normal. The generals are so called because they affect the patient as a whole and are naturally of a higher rank than the particulars which only affect an organ or a part.

Economic Pharmaceutical Works

This laboratory was started for supplying fresh and genuine Indian Tinctures, Biochemic & Homoeopathic Triturations and Tablets to the market which had been infested with spurious products of all description. A new item as important as Globules has of late been added to the line–a land-mark of progress in the history of Homoeopathic manufacture in India.


A curious symptom in the mental sphere is the derangement of time sense. It also occurs in mercuries (to which Lachesis is an antidote), but is more prominent in this remedy, when a patient is always making mistakes as to the time of the day, often confounding the morning hours with the evening ones. Besides all these, mentally, these patients are also seen to be sad, anxious, irritable, peevish, malicious, &c.


That paragraph in the “Maharashtra” had two effects, like one stone killing two birds. Number one, it lent an air of importance extraordinary to the conference in the estimation of delegates and visitors who thought of attending it; and Number two, poor Dr. Dhawale was beset with hundreds of enquiries from all parts of India about what was a piece of thoroughly astounding news to him.

Editorial- Practice of Homoeopathy

In the controversies which arose a few maintained that Hahnemann was right and that the doctrine of the vital force is an essential part of the homoeopathic system. Fewer still were able to see that it is the absolute, the bed-rock foundation of homoeopathy. Hahnemann himself apparently did not realize it until he had practically completed his therapeutic edifice.