Huilgol V R


An old man aged about 65 came to my dispensary with a big Carbuncl…

An old man aged about 65 came to my dispensary with a big Carbuncle on his back on 3-4-41. He gave me the following history. He got a small boil between scapulae. It went on increasing in spite of all so-called treatment in his village.

On the day he came to me the condition was as follows:– The Carbuncle was situated between the scapulae, but extended on the right scapula. It was 5″/5″. The edges were red and surrounding inflammation was spreading. There were about 2doz. holes in the centre and pus was freely running from these holes. The colour of the carbuncle was bluish. The patient complained of a lot of burning sensation.

His urine was examined. There was neither sugar nor albumin. I made a crucial incision, and let out the pus, which was about a pint. The wound bled freely. I dressed it with plain gauze, and gave him only one dose of Lachesis 2 M.

To my surprise there was not even a drop of pus in the wound, from the very next day, and continued to be Pus-free till it healed in 12 days time.

I have been in practice for nearly 26 years and have had opportunities of treating both Diabetic and Non-Diabetic carbuncles mostly by allopathy, and had never seen such a result. That is exactly the reason why I read this paper before you. You may naturally ask me why I gave Lachesis, and not anything else. Because, I have already mentioned the cardinal symptoms, (and aggravation by warm applications.–L.D.D.), namely: Blue discoloration, Burning sensation, and Profuse bleeding, which gave me the clue for the selection of Lachesis.

You may ask me one thing more. “Is this pure Homoeopathy?” You know I am by training an Allopath; and I still follow the fundamental principles of Surgery, “Pus must be let out”. I do know that in Homoeopathic literature we find instances where knife has not been used at all. I may be allowed to say that Homoeopathy does taboo surgery.

Venkatrao R. Huilgol