The noiseless foot of time ceaselessly trots along its endless course. Six long weeks have quietly passed since the Honble Minister of Public Health graciously announced on the floors of the Bengal Legislative Assembly that the Homoeopathic Medical Faculty was going to be established within a few weeks. The promised Faculty has not come within sight yet. But one must not despair.


Even on such a sublime occasion the Homoeopathy of Calcutta could not shed its separatist complex this year also. Large, medium and small size meetings were held at various places which helped to requite eagerness of enthusiasts to come to the fore with the concerning and presiding spirit. Life is short and so it is difficult to sue patience for an opportunity to present itself at an unknown future.

A Vain Subject

It would, indeed, be valuable if we could only know accurately the cause and origin of disease. MORPHOLOGY is an important subject, but not so important and vital as to disqualify from practising the physician who does not give it precedence over the much despised symptoms. Here let us digress, yet to the point. Suppose we have a case of diarrhoea caused by hot weather.


Absolute and differential count of white blood cells. Pulse: not exceeding 90: coli typhoid group:. Exceeding 90: scarlet fever and T.B. infection. Respiration: normally, increase of 2 or 3 per degree of fever; when more, suggests respiratory disease. Temperature: duration & type.

A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

One other point may be valuable in knowing the patient and that is to get the version of the immediate family and close friends. This is sometimes dangerous, as nervous patients hate to know that they are being talked over, but the wise physician can take much contradictory evidence and arrive at a more just and sympathetic evaluation of the case.

Clinical Experiences that deepen my faith in Homoeopathy

Not only this, but day by day, I am coming honestly to believe that it is a civilized and scientific crime against humanity to attempt the cure of the sick by any western therapeutic methods, except those offered to by homoeopathy. You might call me a faddist and I should not be ashamed of it, if I have the necessary faith in the superiority of this science.

The Ever-Present Truth of Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy uses man as a subject for proving, differing from the common form today, which is upon animals. I gives particular attention and makes notation of the mental symptoms, and thereby offers a superior facility for remedy diagnosis in the attack upon disease. It gives a sense of reliance which never can be attained by crude pathologic or organic prescribing.