Unfortunately, from the very characteristic of sensations, this is not possible. Any pleasurable sensation, if indulged in for too long a time, loses its pleasurable quality and may even become painful. This is one of the properties of sensation and you cannot alter it. You can increase the time but you do so at the expense of the intensity of pleasurable feeling.

A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

Now we come to actual methods for acquiring and retaining the general picture and detailed knowledge of this bevy of remedies, This is no simple task as anyone reading the proving of a polychrest, such as Calcarea, will realize. No mind can retain such a mass of symptoms which often seem unrelated and contradictory. One must learn how to study a remedy.


This state of affairs prevails also in hospitals at almost all big cities in India. Slips of paper to the House Physicians and Resident Surgeons recommending patients of the upper and middle class for being admitted in the general wards, is not an uncommon feature. But, after all, why should one serve honorary on a Hospital committee if one cannot keep handy some sort of medical bonus for his kinsfolk and friends?.


Symptoms recorded by me: sudden, convulsive, involuntary movements of left leg; heaviness in tendo Achilles; coldness, left leg; pain in the left side of the back, during convulsions. White spots on cheeks and legs. Thirsty, specially after midnight; salivation; grinding of teeth in sleep stools bloody. Tendency to catch cold; watery discharge from nose.


Under normal conditions there is a physiologic balance between the circulation of blood and the lymph, so that no more fluid exudes into the tissue than it needs; but in diseased conditions this balance is frequently disturbed and the amount of transudate increases in such a manner as to cause the tissue to become distended. This condition is known as dropsy.

Emulative Gleanings from the Life of Hahnemann

Samuel developed early in life a mind thoughtful beyond his years, and his father fostered this tendency by teaching him to observe Nature in all her moods, and to observe closely all the lessons which can be read in the greater book of the outdoors. Ever since his young age he practised his fathers precept of never, when learning or listening, to be merely passive.


On the contrary, the activities or inactivities of the holy Committee of Sixteen that come into existence to take the antenatal care of the Homoeopathic Medical Faculty were strictly kept beyond the unholy knowledge of the public; even to this day none of the individual members of that Committee of Sixteen has come out with a public statement, apparently for being not permitted to do so.


The force which holds the food-elements together in combination, is called potential energy. In breaking up the food into simpler compounds, the body sets this energy free, i.e. changes it into kinetic energy. The changes by which this is brought about have been likened to burning, i.e., the foods are oxidised in the system setting free energy and heat. Proteins fats, carbohydrates may all be burnt up to furnish energy and heat.