A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

In the Boger method fewer symptoms are used and special stress is put on pathological generals, for instance, if the case presents several excoriating discharges the rubric ACRIDITY,in Bogers General Analysis, would be taken; if the patient complains of marked dryness of mouth, rectum, skin, etc., the general DRYNESS would be used. In this method the mentals are prominent and take first place, as in the Kent method.


Such a comprehensive questionnaire bears an eloquent testimony to the whole-hearted earnestness of the Punjab Government in dealing with public demand for a State Medical Faculty of Homoeopathy, and it would not be otherwise than pertinent for the homoeopathic Medical practitioners in Bengal to ask if the Advisory committee her touched all the points envisaged in the Punjab questionnaire.


Adventitious sounds in the apex of the rt. lung have disappeared. The tissue salts were continued for a month more before the patient was discharged. He has been advised to report immediately to me, no sooner he gets any relapse of his complaint. On account of the family history of chronic psoric infection and made up my mind to administer same to the patient.


Lycopodium will suit cases whether arising from cardiac, renal or liver troubles. Dropsy is prominent particularly in the lower half in the body; urine scanty; hypertrophy of the heart and dyspnoea, worse when lying on back or from motion. The swollen legs are covered with ulcers from which serum continually oozes this condition is seen in two other drugs, namely Rhus tox and Arsenic alb.


Theoretically, we endeavor to find a remedy whose symptoms correspond exactly as regards both character and intensity to those experienced by the patient. This can rarely, if ever, be done; and in chronic cases, at any rate, we have, as a rule, to make a selection from amongst the mass of symptoms, and to base the selection of the remedy mainly upon these.