Some of the rules established in Government Schools as to the weight and measure of the child are arbitrary, and are causes of much anxiety and disappointment in parents. You cannot expect a peach tree, no matter how thrifty and healthy, to reach the height, size, and strength of the might oak, nor can you, by any process of nature, make a Shetland pony equal size, weight, and strength of well-natured Norman horse.


In a case of a menstrual disturbance associated with a severe upset in the digestion-before, during and after menstruation, it helped the patient when an allopathic line of treatment from various quarters proved of no avail. The remedy is not only indicated when the menses are scanty but also in cases of metrorrhagia. It has got such a strong action on the mucous membranes that even the menses, which are generally scanty, are slimy.


At length the ulcerations in the region of the os were made to heal. Then came leucorrhoea without ulceration, and of a most distressing kind ; a very dapper gynecologist occupied several years in stemming this discharging tide, and when the unfortunate lady had been fairly rid of the leucorrhoea by injections so long and so strong, she found herself used surgically and completely of -1st., fistula in ano ; secondly, of ulceration of the os uteri ; and 3rdly, and lastly, of this severe leucorrhoea.


Substantially subsidized, such a society may keep on struggling for some years before enlisting public confidence and cooperation, In the case of the Central Board of Health something could at once be done if there was the will. But even then it is hard to fine the requisite finance for implementing the scheme to an adequate degree and extent, without inviting unpleasant and formidable opposition.


Very little help be required, I think, for those who are ready to pay annas twelve or more for their daily diet. The listing would be quite easy if one carefully goes through the food list. A substantial and tasteful diet is quite easy of comprehension if one is ready to spare Rupee one daily. But this would be possible only for the rich, for whom this article was not primarily meant.

A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy

The Kent Repertory is a compilation of materia medica, certain prior repertories, such as Lippes and clinical symptoms verified. In order to successfully search in the Kent Repertory for the symptoms of your case as evaluated in accordance with our last lecture you must be thoroughly familiar with the plan of the book, its rationale, and also its inconsistencies.