The author proposes an underlying philosophy for using multiple homeopathic remedies at the same time (polypharmacy). He feels lack of time and difficulty in selecting a single remedy, makes it necessary to give more than one remedy….


THIS little work is intended to give a very brief introduction to a new science, and in particular to be a short treatment guide and prescriber. An endeavour has been made to present the simple, basic facts, but it remains for other investigators to enlarge and embellish the structure. To this end time and experience are essential, together with the co-operation of sincere men and women.

First of all it will be necessary for the writer to state a little of the history and experiences which led to the conception of the group remedy system.

My childhood having been spent in a country district where the use of crude herbs was very popular, knowledge thus acquired was employed to good effect in the early years of professional practice. I noticed, however, that crude herbal remedies often changed symptoms but did not cure. Basic causes remained. Even when combined with other methods of natural therapeutics herbal remedies failed in many cases to produce the desired results.

Later on, having contracted homoeopathy and the Schussler system of biochemistry, these sciences were tried out over a long period with, I am bound to say, more pleasing results. Yet the number of failures pointed to one of two things, or to both: (1) the failings of straight homoeopathy, or (2) my inability to select the right remedy. Eventually I decided to forget the homoeopathic law and experiment with remedies in combination which together met the totality of symptoms.

In order to do this it was necessary to combine two or more remedies, sometimes all plant remedies and sometimes both plant and mineral. With all due respect to homoeopathy it must be admitted that it is an extremely difficult matter to find the correct remedy in the majority of cases; nearly always certain symptoms are left out of the picture. Anyway, the facts as discovered by myself were that by combining several remedies in order to meet all the symptoms the resulting cures were often beyond all expectation.

No doubt a highly skilled homoeopath with much time at his disposal could in many instances discover the one remedy needed; but few practitioners have the time for such detailed study of every individual case, and even so the search may prove a failure. In the meantime the patient may become worse and reach a stage which is beyond remedial aid.

At a later date talks with homoeopathic chemists gave me the astounding information that some homoeopaths sent prescriptions of several remedies to be taken by the patient as one formula! Evidently, others (even doctors) were doing the same as myself, but, it seemed, without any decided theory on which to work.

A few years late. I contracted radiesthesia and discovered that I possessed some ability in this comparatively new field of research. Work with various systems (Abrams, Drown, de la Warr, the pendulum, etc.) proved to me beyond all doubt that combinations of remedies not only “came in” by instrument tests, but for the most part did far more to eliminate all symptoms than was the case with the most carefully selected single remedies.

After all, nature produces her own combinations and all animal life feeds on combinations of foods of various classes. What is medicine but specialised feeding? The body is starved for certain elements; there is cell hunger. Why keep strictly to the homoeopathic idea if sufferers can be restored to health more quickly by the employment of several remedies in one formula which will meet the hunger and demands of the entire organism? A fact to be kept in mind is the selective intelligence of the cells; what a group of cells and the regulating chemistry of the body mechanism requires will be attracted and utilised under the directing intelligence which governs the entire being. A formula of remedies which covers all symptoms may be said to form a “group entity.”

Here is an example of what a series of remedies taken in group form will accomplish in a rather complex case when using the de la Warr diagnostic instrument for diagnosis and remedy selection.

Female. Age 47.

Complains of great distress in the stomach and intestines.(Pain.).

Occasional bouts of vomiting.


2 Frontal headaches.

Upsets her relatives and friends by occasional emotional outbursts.

The stomach trouble has existed for several years and has been relieved by doses of soda bi-carbonate, bismuth, etc. These items now fail to give any relief.

Result of the instrumental test.

Organs low in tone: stomach 20, liver 30, thyroid 70 (normal is 50, so the thyroid is hyper), ovaries 30, small intestines 40.

Condition: carcinoma of stomach 20, acidosis 30, contraction in small intestines 10, menopause 50, strep. in thyroid 30.

The effect of the selected remedies with the patient’s blood specimen in the well of the instrument:



1. Stomach 20

2. Liver 30

3. Thyroid 70

4. Ovaries 40

5. Small Intestines 40

6. Carcinoma of stomach 20

7. Acidosis 30

8. Menopause 50

9. Strep. in thyroid

10. Contraction in intestines. 10


1. *Ornithog. 30

2. Podophyllum 30

3. Equisetum 30

4. Selenium 30

5. *Dioscorea 30

6. *Ornithog. 30

7. Bismuth 30

8. Cauloph. 30

9. Crot. H.30

10.*Dioscorea 30 }

Mag phos. 30 }

EFFECT OF REMEDIES 1. Brought up to 60

2. Brought up to 70

3. Normalised 50

4. Brought up to 50

5. Brought up to 60

6. Eliminated

7. Eliminated

8. Reduced to 10

9. Eliminated

10. Eliminated

*(These items toned up the organs and removed the disorder. This is usually true; the “organ remedy” will also cure the disease affecting that organ.).

In this case nine remedies are called for. Under test all weak organs are improved in tone and the disease are eliminated with the exception of a trace of the effects of the menopause. It is very doubtful if one remedy could produce the results which were obtained with the selected combination. Naturally the effects of such a combination on the living organism is different from an instrument test, but in almost all cases the effects are similar, although a follow-up formula may be called for (sometimes several) to complete the cure in a complicated case. In this case the hysteria was due to the over active thyroid, and with the normalising of the gland by removing the irritating cause (strep.) the sufferer had no further attacks. The stomach cancer in this case was probably caused by years of dosing with soda, bismuth, etc.

My files contain the history of many cases of a most serious matter (some being regarded as hopeless) treated along these lines with satisfactory results. Doctors have witnessed my work and have even sent me patients, and for the cooperation and interest of these broad-minded professional men I profoundly grateful.

The writings of the late Dr. Guyon Richards reveal that I am not alone in my idea of administering group-remedies. Much valuable information has been gleaned by reading Dr. Richards’ works, attending his lectures and from correspondence with him.

A word about doses.

Very careful research work and experiments covering a number of years show that as a general rule chronic diseases call for a main group -remedy in the 30c potency, and quite often a secondary formula consisting of some of the main remedies in a much lower potency (2x to 12x). Thus in the case outlined above the nine remedies were combined to make up one ounce (in diluted spirit) and the dose was six mins. in a dry spoon twice daily: on rising and retiring. On the instrument a secondary formulae came in consisting of P. 7, P.21 and P. 24. B. Dose: two P. 7 and two P. 24 B. before lunch and dinner, and two P. 21 after lunch and dinner. (See Compound Formulae.)

A rule to observe is that main formula remedies should all be of one potency (usually 30c.). The secondary formula, if called for, may consist of remedies in any potency from 0 to 12x combined. I find that generally speaking the secondary remedies come in for acute symptoms; hence while, say Podophyllum 30 may be the main remedy for a liver disorder the same item may be found to assist in removing the discomfort if given in 3x or 6x potency, but not at the same hour as when the 30c potency is administered. To finally clear up a condition the remedies called for are usually in quite low potency, but this is by no means a hard and fast rule; indeed the first course of treatment is often sufficient. Never give any remedy when it is not needed. Dr. Guyon Richards” methods are very similar to my own both with regard to remedy selection and to dosage.

As a result of considerable experience the suggested remedies in this slender volume may be regarded as a reliable guide to accurate prescribing. If the practitioner uses radiesthesia methods for diagnosis and remedy selection, so much the better; but if he or she does not do so the suggestions given can be employed with confidence as each remedy and series of remedies have been the subject of tests for the disorders indicated over and over again.

Crude substances are rarely selected by the type of instrument which I use, but occasionally they do come in outstanding examples being Cade oil for worms and Echinacea for some blood disorders, skin diseases, etc., when the instrument reaction to those remedies in potency is poor.

In the hands of the sincere and patient analyst radionic instruments will disclose the root causes of a condition and present a detailed ” blue print” of the patient as he actually is. But analysis must be thorough. Indeed I, personally, would prefer to be diagnosed by a truly competent healer who did not employ radionic analysis than I would by one who used an instrument carelessly, or by one who made a hasty business of what should take some time. I have heard analysts boast of the large number of cases they can get through in a day. The only thing of which we may be proud are the beneficial results of our efforts. All will agree that in diagnosis great care and thoroughness are essentially. Careless operators will bring discredit on a highly scientific system.

A word to those who use these instruments: no matter what the symptoms presented by the patient, go through all the “systems” first of all: brain, nervous respiratory, secretory, endocrines, etc., and note all low organs and unbalanced glands. Then, taking each weak organ, test for every possible cause. Note, however, that if the reading for an organ is fairly high it does not follow that there is no disease present; e.g., a chronic appendix may read, say, 60. It seems that the reading the instrument gives relates more to the organ energy than to the actual state of the organic tissue. Hence the reading may or may not be an indication of existing trouble, for nature may be sending more energy into a diseased area in an attempt to clear up a pathological condition.

Then test for virus and toxins and their locality. When all is completed you will know why the patient has the symptoms of which he complains. The next stage is to test suitable remedies for each subnormal or abnormal condition; also for remedies to eliminate toxins and bacteria.

I have seen analysis reports which were next to useless (they probably took the operator just a few minutes of his time). On such reports I have seen that the selected remedies reduced a disease reading from 60 to 40. Believe me, such readings are unlikely to help. I am never satisfied unless I obtain a formula which will clear all symptoms or leave a mere reading of 10; then I know that satisfactory results may be anticipated.

No doubt the mind of the analyst plays a large part in remedy selection by means of radiesthesia, and if he or she favours remedies in potency they will be more likely to come in than will crude substances. An experienced herbalist may find the reverse to be the case. However, from information gathered in many quarters the best effects are to be anticipated by employing the system outlined in this present effort which is to introduce a more decisive system of medication.

I always prescribe my main 30c formula in dilute spirit. To save time I prepare my secondary formula in tablet form. These tablet remedies have been based on countless tests and I have given a list of them in order to make prescribing easier.

Those who do not understand homoeopathy may find it difficult to comprehend that there is any virtue in the minute doses of tasteless, colourless substances. In these days of atom smashing it is sheer foolishness to belittle the power of the infinitesimal. When the unseen atom is split immense power is liberated; in a similar manner the full healing virtues of a remedy are released when its molecules are broken up by potentising or by trituration.

Unfortunately many people refuse to believe that there is any value in a remedy unless it has a vile taste and a filthy smell. To remove their physical ailments they evidently believe in trying to cast out the devil by Beelzebub. Fortunately our remedies do not depend on the power of suggestion for their efficiency. Naturally, belief always helps, and I think, speeds up successful treatment; hence it is good for a patient to have an intelligent understanding of how and why a remedy acts.

As I am well-known in the world of nature cure these pages will probably be read by some who do not believe in taking any kind of remedy. These good people forget that a vegetable is a herb and was at one time a wild herb; they forget also that one of the main troubles with civilised peoples to-day is that they feed off crops grown on poisoned soil which has been ruined by the zealous application of chemical fertilisers. The wild herbs are at least free from contamination by these noxious substances. I would also point out that many natural garden vegetables become powerful remedies when homoeopathically potentised.

What is nature cure? To my mind the question has never been answered in a satisfactory manner. Some of the methods which come under that heading can be highly dangerous in the hands of the ignorant and the over-confident fanatic. Applied ignorance is not nature cure. That “nature cures” we all agree, but the methods we employ in order to help nature and “give her a chance” must be wisely chosen.

Unorthodox healing is beset by two enemies- one within and one without. The latter will be conquered in time, for Truth is always triumphant. The enemy within is more dangerous: intolerance and lack of broad-mindedness. It is strange that those things which we are fighting against should be so obvious in our own ranks! May be it is because, like all young things, we have to grow up. At present we are concerned with our own little ideas, and we tend to make our preferences our principles. The sacredness of our calling leaves no room for pettiness, and our foes should not be within our own household.

The system of medicine of which I write may be termed a branch of natural healing in that it is not dangerous; the remedies are used by the vital force of the Organism and not against its operations; toxins which prolonged fasts and heroic eliminative measures fail to remove make their speedy exit by means of this system. The remedies eliminate, normalise and rebuild, and tests by means of radiesthesia prove that the body of the sufferer craves for them. Surely this is natural healing! Those who wish to try out their ability with radiesthesia should experiment with a pendulum as suggested by Dr. Tomlinson in his introductory remarks.

Eric F. W. Powell
Eric Frederick William Powell 1895 – 1991, Phys B, MNCA England, PhD, NB, was a Nature Cure Practitioner and lay homeopath, who also taught Kythymic Physical Culture.
Powell wrote Kelp the Health Giver, The Group Remedy Prescriber, Health secrets of all ages, Biochemic prescriber, A Home Course in Nutrition, Tranquillization with Harmless Herbs and other Natural Methods, Life Abundant: A Practical Handbook on the Divine Laws of Health and Healing, Salud en la cocina (Health in the Kitchen), Herbal Remedies and Nature Cure, Water Treatments: Plain and Medicated, The Natural Home Physician, Biochemistry, The Biochemic Pocket Book, Biochemistry Up to Date, Building a Healthy Heart, A Simple Way to Successful Living, Health Secrets of All Ages, Cell Nutrition and Medication for Layman, Health from Earth, Air and Water, Modern Botanic Prescriber, Balance – Physical – Spiritual – Intellectual, Healing by Auto-induction, Lady be Beautiful: Guide to Natural Health and Beauty,