Case examples where Powell treated patients using multiple remedies or complex remedies along with the reason for selecting each homeopathy remedy….

THE following examples are based on cases from the writer’s files and will serve to illustrate in a practical manner the application of the new group remedy system. In these cases the diagnosis has been made with the de la Warr instrument. Any organ with a reading below 60 usually lacks tone and may be diseased. Note, however, that the normal reading for the thyroid and suprarenal glands is 50, hence these glands should be balanced to give that reading.

Case No. 194. Male, age 14.



1. Nerves 30

2. Stomach 20

3. Ant. pituitary 30

4. Liver 30

5. Gall Bladder 30

6. Spleen 40

7. Pancreas 30


1. Diabetes m. 30

2. Hysteria 40

3. Fear 60

4. Cyst in stomach 40

5. Anaemia (pern). 30


2. Ornithog 30

3. Phosphorus 30

4. Opium 30

5. Carduus M. 30

6. Mentha Pul. 30

7. Lyco 30 1. Lyco. 30

Ferrum Mur 30

2. Hyos 30

3. Crotal. H. 30

4. Formica 30

5. Castoreum 30

Mentha Pul. 30

Lyco. 30

Twelve main remedies in 30c.

Dose: six mins. in a dry spoon, morning and night.

Additional remedies: (the secondary formulae) P.9. and P. 21. Two of each together before lunch and before dinner.

P. 45. Two after lunch and after dinner.

A small quantity of each of the main remedies combined to make one ounce. For the composition of P. 9. 21 and P. 45 see pages 47, 50 and 53.

READING AFTER FOUR WEEKS. 1. Sympathetic nerves 60

2. Stomach 50

3. Ant. pituitary 60

4.Liver 70

5.Gall Bladder 60

6.Spleen 50

7.Pancreas 50

8.Diabetes m. 10

9.Hysteria Out

10.Fear Out

11. Cyst.in stomach 20

12. Anaemia (pern.) Out, but simple anaemia 20.


Potency 1. Valeriana 30

2. Ornithog 30

3. Kali Iodium 30

6. Helleb. N. 30

7. Lyco. 30

8. Lyco 30

11. Apis M. 30

12. Urtica U. 30

Berberis V. 30

There are now eight main remedies.

Doses as formerly.

The secondary remedies are now P. 6 and P. 45.

Doses as formerly, P. 6 taking the place of P. 9 and P. 21.

Note that when two or more remedies are necessary to clear the disease on the diagnostic instrument these have been bracketed.

A month later all that was necessary to complete successful treatment was P. 24 B. Dose: two after meals three times daily.

Case No. 216. Female, age 60.


1. Parathyroid glands 40

2. Stomach 40

3. Colon 40

4. Liver 30

5. Gall Bladder 30

6. Heart 40

7. Spleen 50


1. Auto-intoxication 50

2. Cancer toxins 40

3. Influenza toxins 60

4. Whooping cough toxins 40

5. Abscess in liver 30

6. Gall Stones 20

7. Simple anaemia 20


1. Xanthox. 30

2. Nux Vom. 30

3. Lobelia Erin. 30

4. Podophyllum 30

5. Cholest. 30

6. Cactus G. 30

7. Mentha Pul. 30 1. Echinacea 30

2. Toxicophis 30

3. Cad.Sulph. 30

4. Ambra Gris 30

5. Podo 30

6. Cholest. 30

7. Mentha Pul. 30

Eleven main remedies to make one ounce in 30c.

Dose: six mins. in a dry spoon, morning and night.

Secondary remedies:

P. 30. Two before lunch and dinner.

P. 38. Two after lunch and dinner.

Also two P. 46 B at night for one week.


FOUR WEEKS. Potency.

Parathyroids 60

Stomach 60

Colon 50 Uva-ursi 30

Liver 50 Opium 30

Gall Bladder 60

Heart 70

Spleen 70

Auto-intoxication 10 Sulph 30

Cancer toxins 10 Elaps. 30 Influenza toxins Out

Whooping cough toxins 10 Drosera 30

Abscess in liver 10 {Opium 30 {Bella 30

Gall Stones Out

Simple anaemia Out

Secondary remedies:P. 15 and P. 10

Doses as formerly.

One month later a course of P. 10 completed the treatment the dose for P. 10 being two after meals thrice daily.

It is interesting to note that when Podophyllum comes in for the liver it is usually Opi. or Berberis that is called for in the second prescription. If cure is not total Podophyllum may again come in for the third course. Such alternation of remedies may be due to the changes of the moon?

Case No. 221. Female, age 53.



Liver 30 Podo 30

Pancreas 20 Chamom 30

Duodenum 40 Cina 30

Lymph 40 Kali Arsenicum 30


Staph 20 Stannum 30

T.B. toxins 20 {Lycopus V. 30 {Crotal H. 30

Lumbago 30 Cimic 30

Anxiety neurosis 30 Plumb. 30

Ulcer in duodenum 20 Cina 30

Boils 20 Stannum 30

Echinacea 30

Ten main remedies to make one ounce in 30c.

Dose: six mins. in a dry spoon morning and night.

Secondary remedies:

P. 45. Two before lunch and dinner

P. 41 Two after lunch and dinner.

Also two P. 56 at night for one week.



Liver 70

Pancreas 60

Duodenum 50 Iris Flor. 30

Lymph 50 Kali Arsenicum 30

Staphysagria 10 Rhus Tox. 30

T.B. toxins Out

Lumbago 20 Rhus Tox 30

Anxiety neurosis 10 Plumb 30

Ulcer in duodenum 10 Iris Flor. 30

Boils 10 Caryophyl. 30

Secondary remedies: P. 45 and P. 16.

Doses as formerly.


All organs in good condition, but the duodenum remains at 50. No toxins or disease present.

A meal of gruel made with Ulmus Fulva (slippery elm) taken three times daily for three weeks brought up the duodenum to 60.

Case No. 240. Male, age 53.




Nerves 30 Valeriana 30

Stomach 30 Bismuth 30

Liver 40 Podo 30

Ant. pituitary 40 Dioscorea 30

Suprarenals 30 Agn. Cast. 30

Kidneys 30 Erigeron 30

Skin 40 Euphorbium 30


Alcohol toxins 70 Ledum 30

Faecal toxins 40 Elaps 30

Influenza toxins 30 Cad. Sulph 30

Strep. 50 Ignatia 30

Psoriasis 50 {Euphorbium 30

{Zinc 30

{Kali Bromium 30

Thirteen main remedies to make one ounce in 30c.

Dose: six mins. in a dry spoon morning and night.

Secondary remedies:-

P. 24 B. Two before lunch and dinner.

P. 16. Two after lunch and dinner.

Also two P. 51 at night for two weeks.


FOUR WEEKS. Potency.


Nerves 60

Stomach 50 Nux Vom. 30

Liver 60

Ant. pituitary 50 Gelsem 30

Suprarenals 40 Lyco 30

Kidneys 50 Gelsem 30

Skin 50 Urtica U. 30

Alcohol toxins 30 Ledum 30

Faecal toxins 10 Echinacea 30 Influenza toxins Out

Strep 10 Ignatia 30

Psoriasis 20 Iridium 30

Secondary remedies: P. 2 B and P. 51 Doses as formerly.


The trouble has cleared with the exception of 20 for alcohol toxins and 10 for psoriasis. As he persists in taking alcohol, but is more moderate, I concentrate on the remaining psoriasis and find that another formula in potency has no effect.


Echinacea 0 nine drops in water three times daily. This clears the skin trouble in three weeks. He is drinking less and there is only a reading of 10 for alcohol toxins.

Case No 252. Female, age 58.

This case was taken on when the patient arrived home after an operation for cancer of the stomach and duodenum. I was given to understand that two-thirds of the stomach and a section of the duodenum had been removed. The liver was also affected and the lady was expected to die within a matter of weeks.



Stomach 20 Ornithog 30

Liver 30 Podo 30

Small Intest 40 Kali Brom 30

Duodenum 20 Mentha Pul 30

Spleen 30 Mentha Pul 30

Thyroid 30 Iris Verbascum 30

Suprarenals 40 Lyco 30

Heart 40 Crataegus 30


Cancer of liver 50 Podo 30

Adhesions 50 Mag. Sul. 30

Trauma 80 Arnica 30

Cancer toxins 70 {Toxicophis 30

{Uranium Nit. 30

{Echinacea 30

Fear toxins 60 Crotal. H. 30

Strep. 30 Crotal H. 30

Thirteen main remedies to make one ounce in 30c.

Dose: six mins in a dry spoon morning and night.

Secondary remedies:

P. 7 and P. 24. Two of each together at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

P. 21 Two at noon and 8 p.m.

The lady was under my care for about two years during which time the remedies were changed by blood test every four weeks. With but minor changes the various formulae were similar to that quoted above, although the secondary remedies had to be changed on each occasion. I did not expect her to live, and only took her on at her express wish “to see if I could help.” To the astonishment of the surgeon who performed the operation this lady is alive and well at the time of going to press. She is free from pain and all her vital organs register well. There is, according to my analysis no cancer or cancer toxins. A recent X- ray shows how well nature has compensated, for she has developed a new stomach of fair proportions.

Naturally great care was exercised with her diet for a considerable time. She knew what was wrong and the seriousness of her condition, but possessed a strong will and a wonderful spirit. No doubt her hopeful, fighting nature contributed not a little to the success of the treatment.

Case No. 259. A girl of 10 years.



Sensory nerves 40 Hyd. 30

Colon 40 Erigeron 30

Lungs: R. 40 } Rumex C. 30

L. 50 }

Bronchi 50 Drosera 30


Catarrh 40 {Ol. Cade 30

{Calcarea Carb. 30

{Caryophyl 30

Whooping Cough {Ambra Gris 30

toxins 20 {Drosera 30

Thread worms 60 {Spig 30

{Cuprum 30

{Ol. Cade 30

Ten remedies to make half an ounce in 30c.

Dose: six mins in a dry spoon morning and night.

Secondary remedies: P. 24 B. Two before lunch and dinner.

P. 7. Two after lunch and dinner.

Two week’s treatment, with attention to diet, sufficient.

Case No. 140 Male, age 40


Potency Stomach 30 {Nux Vom. 30

{Agrimonia 30

Liver 40 Berberis V. 30

Small intest 40 Lobelia Inf. 30

Dyspepsia 50 As for stomach.

Four remedies to make half an ounce in 30c.

Dose: six mins. in a dry spoon morning and night.

Secondary remedies: P. 24B. Two before lunch and dinner.

P. 7. Two after lunch and dinner.

Two week’s treatment, with attention to diet, sufficient.

Case No. 290. Female, age 24.

Very similar to Case No. 140, but only compound tablet remedies prescribed. P. 24 B and P. 7. cleared up the condition in four weeks.

Case No. 200 A woman of 35 years.

In this instance a radionic analysis was not undertaken. The usual diagnostic methods revealed retroversion of the uterus, tenderness over the spleen and liver.

The lady had suffered from anaemia for several years; she was very constipated; given to fits of hysteria followed by days of depression. A talk revealed that she had masturbated since the age of ten, and this habit had continued even after marriage. There were no children.

Periods were irregular with a scanty flow. Considerable leucorrhoea.



Potency. Potency.

Constipation {Opi. 30 Podophyllum 30.

{N.M. 30

Retroversion {Murex 30 Achillea M. 30

{C.F. 30

Masturbation {Murex 30 {Selen 30

{Dirca 30 {Samarium 30

{Staphis 30

Anaemia Mentha Pul 30 Lyco 30

Hysteria Hyoscya 30 Aurum Mur. 30

Depression Cad. Sulph.30 Silicea 30

Menses Sepia 30 Sepia 30

Leucorrhoea Ol. Cade 30 Lilium Tig. 30

(Note.-Murex comes in for two troubles, and some of the physical remedies also act on the mental condition.)

Secondary remedies: First month, P. 15 and P. 28 B.

Second Month, P. 30 and P. 17.

For the first month a single dose of P. 58 at 11 a.m.

For the second month a single dose of P. 56 at 11 a.m.

Two month’s treatment practically cleared up all the physical troubles, and she was in a much better state mentally. The lady continued to improve after treatment.

Case No. 218. Male, age 43.

This illustrates the treatment of an acute condition.

Diagnosis: Otitis media.

Remedy: P. 26.

Dose: Three P. 26 every hour.

The pain was unbearable so two Veganin tablets were given at night. The ear started discharging early in the morning.

P. 26 was given every two hours during the day.

Pain much better; patient easier.

Slept well that night.

The ear was discharging, but less than previously.

P. 26 was now given every three hours.

On the fourth day the discharge has ceased and there was no pain. Formula P. 6. was given as a tonic for three weeks.

Eric F. W. Powell
Eric Frederick William Powell 1895 – 1991, Phys B, MNCA England, PhD, NB, was a Nature Cure Practitioner and lay homeopath, who also taught Kythymic Physical Culture.
Powell wrote Kelp the Health Giver, The Group Remedy Prescriber, Health secrets of all ages, Biochemic prescriber, A Home Course in Nutrition, Tranquillization with Harmless Herbs and other Natural Methods, Life Abundant: A Practical Handbook on the Divine Laws of Health and Healing, Salud en la cocina (Health in the Kitchen), Herbal Remedies and Nature Cure, Water Treatments: Plain and Medicated, The Natural Home Physician, Biochemistry, The Biochemic Pocket Book, Biochemistry Up to Date, Building a Healthy Heart, A Simple Way to Successful Living, Health Secrets of All Ages, Cell Nutrition and Medication for Layman, Health from Earth, Air and Water, Modern Botanic Prescriber, Balance – Physical – Spiritual – Intellectual, Healing by Auto-induction, Lady be Beautiful: Guide to Natural Health and Beauty,