Compound tablet

As a medicine this formula is a very powerful, yet harmless, stimulant and antispasmodic. Ideal for nerve pains, cramp, spasm and collapse. Should be in every home for use in emergency. Give in hot water for fainting, heart turns, flatulence, exhaustion. Sweetened, it forms an invigorating beverage in cold weather.

A full dose with a teaspoonful of the fluid extract of Yarrow (Achillea Mill) added in a tumbler of hot water, taken on retiring, will sweat out a cold and help throw off influenza.

With some people ten to fifteen drops act better than large doses. A little experimenting will decide the ideal quantity to use.

Eric F. W. Powell
Eric Frederick William Powell 1895 – 1991, Phys B, MNCA England, PhD, NB, was a Nature Cure Practitioner and lay homeopath, who also taught Kythymic Physical Culture.
Powell wrote Kelp the Health Giver, The Group Remedy Prescriber, Health secrets of all ages, Biochemic prescriber, A Home Course in Nutrition, Tranquillization with Harmless Herbs and other Natural Methods, Life Abundant: A Practical Handbook on the Divine Laws of Health and Healing, Salud en la cocina (Health in the Kitchen), Herbal Remedies and Nature Cure, Water Treatments: Plain and Medicated, The Natural Home Physician, Biochemistry, The Biochemic Pocket Book, Biochemistry Up to Date, Building a Healthy Heart, A Simple Way to Successful Living, Health Secrets of All Ages, Cell Nutrition and Medication for Layman, Health from Earth, Air and Water, Modern Botanic Prescriber, Balance – Physical – Spiritual – Intellectual, Healing by Auto-induction, Lady be Beautiful: Guide to Natural Health and Beauty,