The appeal of the Chairman of the Bureau of Surgery through the Advance …



The appeal of the Chairman of the Bureau of Surgery through the Advance has been heard, and I hasten to say that while my practice in venereal diseases has not been so large as some, it has extended over a period of twenty years or more, during which time I have treated both syphilis and gonorrhoea in their various stages, with more than ordinary success.

My first practice was allopathic or eclectic, which, to say the least of it, gave but poor satisfaction to myself, much less to my patients.


The first case I ever treated homoeopathically was that of a printer, while I was attending homoeopathic lectures in Philadelphia.

His was an old chronic case of gleet, which had resisted the best allopathic talent obtainable in the city. He was a young man, but twenty years of age, his constitution showed signs of physical abuse, in more ways than one. He had light hair, blue eyes and soft, flabby muscles. After a still hunt of two or three days, I prescribed Sulphur 200, one dose, which aggravated for a day or two and then rapidly progressed to a cure.


was one of secondary syphilis in a man thirty- five years of age, who had been treated from the time the chancre first appeared up to the time he called on me, without the slightest benefit whatever as the disease had in no wise been checked, nor the sufferings of the patient relieved in the least. The character of the skin which was covered with dirty brown spots, mingled with which there were open sores, presenting ragged edges, and bleeding when touched, decided me in favor of Nitric acid, 500, which I gave him one dose every Sunday night for two months, when he got no more medicine but received a cure of his syphilis.


was an abandoned woman, who was both an object of charity and contempt, from the fact that there was not a patch of sound skin, the size of your hand, on her body. Her sores were ragged and bleeding. There was an odor in her room of horse urine. Nitric acid 30th continued for two weeks, three doses per day, cured. In four months she was fat and hearty, and resumed her old practice.


was one of chancre on the top of the glans penis. Chancre was hard with everted edges. Mercurius sol. 30th, one dose every night for a fortnight, relieved him of the chancre, likewise all traces of the same, and this, not- withstanding the fact that he worked in the rain in a gravel bed on the railway, as a construction hand.


During the month of December, 1889, there came to me a gentleman of color whose age and gray wool should have been the result of a riper experience. But he had been to Utica two weeks before and had been seduced by a “pretty yaller gal.” The chancre was hard and elevated, on a hard base. I gave him Mercurius sol. 1600, one dose, and blanks to interest him. He came often for his blanks, as to use his words, “Them powders are boss”.

This will illustrate a practice which I have followed for over twenty years. i am satisfied that physicians who resort to harsh measures in venereal diseases do much harm by driving the virus from the sensitive nd receptive generative organs to the deeper structures. Local application for either syphilis or gonorrhoea are neither necessary nor admissible further than absorbent cotton to the chance for the sake of cleanliness, and possibly hot water injections in the inflammatory stage of gonorrhoea.

I send you this short report as one link in the chain of evidence in favor of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy. I treat all cases of venereal disease just as I do other sickness. After discovering the cause from the symptoms which I find presenting, I treat the conditions with the similimum.


Dr. Kimball: Is there not danger of sending contagious pus up the urethra by those hot water injections?.

Dr. Dever: I only use hot water when necessary to cleanse parts.

Dr. H. C. Allen: Why did you give Mercurius sol. every night for two weeks?.

Dr. Dever: It was not necessary. One dose would have done just as well.

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