Clarke gives the toxic effects of homeopathy drug Glonoine and its therapeutic uses in non-toxic doses in his book The ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, published in 1901….



      Angina pectoris livid face, almost imperceptible pulse. Heat stroke, skin cold and clammy, weak pulse. Failure of heart’s action with great arterial relaxation. Severe pain with sense of constriction in the head and chest.


      Pale face, cold, clammy perspiration. Yawning, giddiness. Prostration. Unconsciousness.1. Severe pains with sense of constriction in the head.2. Constriction about the lower part of the neck. Pain in the region of the heart. Very weak, slow or rapid pulse, with failure of the heart’s action. Great arterial relaxation.3.


      From one-thousandth to one fiftieth minim.

The preferred method of administration is the minute dose given frequently.


      Dizziness.1. (One two-hundredth minim or less in the dose).

Headache1-2. (One one-thousandth minim doses).

Migraine.1-2. (Small doses every fifteen minutes).

Heat-stroke. Muscular relaxation, semi-comatose; skin pale, clammy perspiration, vertigo, weak pulse. 1-3.

Angina pectoris. Pale or livid face, cold perspiration; weak, almost imperceptible pulse.1-3. (One one-hundredth minim every two hours, or three times per day. May be given more often at time of attack).

Heart failure. Great arterial relaxation.1-3. (One one- hundredth or one-fiftieth minim doses at frequent intervals).

George Hardy Clark
Clark, George H. (George Hardy) 1860-1941 was the author of: Homeopathic Treatment of Asthenopia; Lee and Clark's Cough and expectoration : a repertorial index of their symptoms; The A B C Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics; A system for the care and training of children; The Black Plague and Its Control.