Clarke gives the toxic effects of homeopathy drug Cicuta and its therapeutic uses in non-toxic doses in his book The ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, published in 1901….



      Tetanic condition of the muscles in cerebro-spinal meningitis. Tonic spasms of the muscles of the face and neck. Spasmodic hiccup.


      Great anxiety at the praecordia. Unconsciousness, eyes turned upward, trismus, spasmodic vomiting, head thrown backward, opisthotonos, tetanic state of all the muscles.1.


      Drop doses of the first or second decimal dilution.


      Cerebro-spinal meningitis: the muscles are in a state of tetanic rigidity.1.

Local tonic spasm of the muscles of the neck and jaw, usually hysterical in character.1.

Hiccup and belching of a spasmodic character.1.

George Hardy Clark
Clark, George H. (George Hardy) 1860-1941 was the author of: Homeopathic Treatment of Asthenopia; Lee and Clark's Cough and expectoration : a repertorial index of their symptoms; The A B C Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics; A system for the care and training of children; The Black Plague and Its Control.