Clarke gives the toxic effects of homeopathy drug Aurum and its therapeutic uses in non-toxic doses in his book The ABC Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, published in 1901….



      Melancholia, with suicidal tendencies. Neurasthenia, mental depression, insomnia, tremor, loss of appetite. Constitutional syphilis, with nasal catarrh or caries of the bones of the nose, interstitial keratitis, and sclerosis of the vascular and nervous systems.


      Congestion of blood to the head. Insomnia followed by great heat of the skin. Melancholia of a suicidal character. Agitation, relaxation with trembling, priapism with weakness of the sexual organs. Low grade of fever, sweats, increased flow of urine and of the salivary secretion.1. Burning and boring pains in the bones, especially in the face and feet; these pains are accompanied by redness and swelling and sometimes, as on the skull, by nodes. Inflamed nose is blocked by crusts. Dryness of the throat and mouth.2. Gastrointestinal irritation with loss of appetite, nausea and praecordial distress.3.


      Auri et sodii chloridum, 1/50-1/20 gr.

The second and third decimal triturations of the pure metal are effective.


      Melancholia, with suicidal tendencies.1.

Neurasthenia: mental depression, insomnia, decline of sexual functions, flushes, tremor, loss of appetite, etc.1.

Decline of the sexual power. Weakness and irritability of the sexual organs, seminal losses, etc.1.

Ozaena. Nose filled with crusts.2.

Chronic catarrh, foetid breath.2.

Constitutional syphilis: obstinate nodes on the tibia with violent bone pains.2.

Burning and boring pains in the bones, especially in the face and feet, accompanied by redness and swelling.2.

Caries of the bones of the skull.2.

Interstitial keratitis.

Sclerosis of the liver.

Sclerosis of the arterial system.

Sclerosis of the brain and spinal cord.

Chronic Bright`s disease, even after development of ascites. Prevents or lessens the overgrowth of connective tissue elements.

Gastritis. Epigastric pain, nausea, loss of appetite. Glazed tongue. Pain increased by taking food.3. (In tuberculous, syphilitic or rheumatic subjects).

Catarrh of the duodenum, and of the bile ducts.3.

Chronic alcoholism. Low grade of fever and increase of connective tissue.3.

Habitual abortion. Cause, syphilis.

George Hardy Clark
Clark, George H. (George Hardy) 1860-1941 was the author of: Homeopathic Treatment of Asthenopia; Lee and Clark's Cough and expectoration : a repertorial index of their symptoms; The A B C Manual of Materia Medica and Therapeutics; A system for the care and training of children; The Black Plague and Its Control.