It must always be remembered that the amount of substance attained or attainable by the potentization prescribed in no way agrees with theoretically determined amounts. For this the technique employed is decisive. Therefore it should be stated exactly in each case under discussion (for example the preparation of the potencies in the same container or in several). To what step in the potency actions attained by this or that technique is merely a matter of observation and therefore not discussed here.

If now the experiences of homoeopathy on the effectiveness of potentized substances natural to the body are considered correct, then the detailed drug pictures furnish constitutional types of first rank for these drugs, as has been discussed above.


But we do not fall into the error of attempting to construct the medicinal effect of substances normal to the body from their chemical properties. The opposite method alone is correct: the individual drug pictures obtained by observations exist by themselves, independent of any construction. Subsequently we may progress from them to better insight and survey and with increasing certainty and knowledge the drug picture will proceed even more clearly in the direction of chemical regularity as it is fixed by the periodic system of elements. The greatest caution is necessary in such considerations. Because the actions from the elements are changed and varied under the conditions of experimental study: first through the chemical affinities of atoms and atom groups in which they are applied as drugs; then again through the preferential affinities which they have for certain materials of the organism. Only when one considers the total systems of powers, in and on which the action of elements proceeds, can one hope to arrive to some extent at its characteristic effect.

The factual material available up to the present impels us to foresee the natural lawful connections more in a preliminary way than to determine exactly each individual case. But the method of the conception and the therapeutic evaluation of constitutional types as it is transmitted to us by the history of the thought which has been described may well hold as a great acquisition of homoeopathy as for all medicine.

Otto Leeser
Otto Leeser 1888 – 1964 MD, PHd was a German Jewish homeopath who had to leave Germany due to Nazi persecution during World War II, and he escaped to England via Holland.
Leeser, a Consultant Physician at the Stuttgart Homeopathic Hospital and a member of the German Central Society of Homeopathic Physicians, fled Germany in 1933 after being expelled by the German Medical Association. In England Otto Leeser joined the staff of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. He returned to Germany in the 1950s to run the Robert Bosch Homeopathic Hospital in Stuttgart, but died shortly after.
Otto Leeser wrote Textbook of Homeopathic Materia Medica, Leesers Lehrbuch der Homöopathie, Actionsand Medicinal use of Snake Venoms, Solanaceae, The Contribution of Homeopathy to the Development of Medicine, Homeopathy and chemotherapy, and many articles submitted to The British Homeopathic Journal,