Erigeron Canadense

Homeopathy medicine Erigeron Canadense from William D. Gentry ‘s Rubrical and Regional Text Book of Homeopathic Materia Medica, comprising the characteristic symptoms of homeopathic remedies from drug provings, published in 1890….

1 Urination painful or suppressed.

3 Dysuria (of teething children); frequent desire; crying when urinating; urine profuse, of a very strong odor; external parts (female) inflamed or irritated, with considerable mucous discharge.

5 Haemorrhage from bladder (From gravel).

7 Catarrh of the bladder, with pain and irritation.

9 Urine :- (a) Dark, afterward pale.

William Daniel Gentry
William Daniel Gentry. (1836-1922) was the author of Concordance Repertory of the Materia Medica and The Rubical and Regional Textbook.