Preface to Syphilis and Sycosis by Dr. Fotier – bernoville and translated by Raj Kumar Mukarji….

Homoeopathic Treatment of Syphilis -1

While taking up the General Homoeopathic treatment and study of Syphilis, which include the real meaning of this disease and its therapeutics, we must recall to ourselves that our Master Hahnemann considered it as one of the three miasms with Psora and Sycosis….

Syphilis and Sclerosis

We have no treatment against established sclerosis. But in treating a subject homoeopathically as for example by Sulphur, Lycopodium or Thuja and by giving him remedies according to his troubles you can retard the organic sclerosis….

Official Therapeutic Arms

What is interesting to note is that we use Mercury, Gold, Potassium iodide and as helping remedies, Silver, Platinum, Arsenic, some plants also and in a general our best remedies for treatment of Syphilis are the heavy metals in their natural forms….

Homoeopathic Treatment of Syphilis -2

Homeopathic Treatment of Syphilis. Important homeopathic remedies for treatment of various stages of Syphilis. Important remedies include salts of Mercury, Kali-iod, Platina etc….

Conclusion – Syphilis

It may be that the treponema may not exist, but the constitution may be deviated and the subject goes on developing with some troubles which may not be due to treponema….


Syphilinum is to be used like any other remedy of the Materia Medica according to the law of similars, even when syphilis is not a cause and it is in such cases syphilinum will give the best results….

Homoeopathic Treatment of Tabes

The action of Homoeopathic remedies on the motor troubles of tabes is not always very deep. However, the Homoeopathic treatment can help the patient to walk more easily, and can make him more sure of his movements. …

Tremblings, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis

Senile tremblings have some symptoms very similar to Paralysis agitans or Parkinson’s disease. Theoretically Baryta carbonica is one of the best remedies because it acts in sclerosis accompanied by senility. But we should also think of Phosphorus because of the medullar-cortico degeneration….


Thuja can cause the disappearance of the dermal manifestations of this Miasm Sycosis. It is also a remedy of acute and chronic gonorrhoea. But Hahnemann did not consider that all gonorrhoeas are caused by sycosis….

Sycosis and Warts

Thuja is always the leading remedy of sycotic conditions and warts. Thuja should be prescribed after chronic Gonorrhoea or repeated vaccinations and its symptoms are found in the patients….