Hospital & Teaching Center

The Homoeopathic Hospital continued its activity in Munich, under the management of Dr. Max Quaglio and Prof. Dr. Jos Buchner, and in due course a second hospital was opened.



Hahnemann to Boenninghausen: Paris, Sept., 24th, 1842.

(dictated; date and signature by Hahnemann, fairly firm).

After a silence of nearly eight years, Stapf wrote to me two months ago that a Congress of five or six members of the Central Association from Leipsic and Magdeburg had taken place at Cothen, and had decided to close the small Leipsic Hospital.

Those gentlemen have brought it to that! There you can see the excellence of Noack and Trinks. The latter, especially, has almost sacrificed himself to destroy all that was good.

Richard Haehl
Richard Haehl was the author of - Life and Work of Samuel Hahnemann