Hahnemann’s Second Marriage

To this end I attest

“ad Art. II of my will.”

now to my daughter Eleonore Wolff of Leipsic,

5300 Rth.- P. Cour. for which sum she and her husband have given a Promissory Note on October 2nd, 1832, by which the attested settlement by death is forthwith cancelled, and

700 Rth.- Pr. cour, through the Ducal Board of Revenue, for my said daughter Eleonore Wolff, from January 1835, No.C. 5490i.

6000 Rth.- Pr. Cour. in words : six thousand thalers.

“ad Art. XIII of my will”

Of the

6000 Rth.- Pr. Cour shall now be made over to my daughter Henriette Foerster, and there shall now be subtracted the sum deducted in the above mentioned article of my will of

170 Rth.- Pr. Cour, so that she now receives

5830 Rth.- Pr. Cour. in words: five thousand eight hundred and thirty thaler, that is 5325 in Ducal Board of Revenue in investments from January 12th, 1835. No.C. 5490 G.

and 5 Rth. in cash.

5830 Rth. Sa.- Attested, receives, but now as a matter of course, in consideration of my future legacy given in equal parts with the other heirs.

170 Rth.- Pr. Cour also are now assigned to my grandchild Herrmann Friedrich Siegmund Richter.

6000 Rth.- Pr. Cour. added, so that the latter now receives

6170 Rth.-Pr. Cour. less my expenses amounting to the sum of (for which I hold a receipt)

117 Rth.21 Gr.- Pr. Cour. for this my grandchild paid at the time when he was discharged as apprentice to the needlemakers.

“ad Art. XIV of my will”

are herewith subtracted and immediately handed over to the local Institute for neglected children (Help Society), so that there only remains.

6052 Rth. 3 Gr.- Pr. Cour. in words: six thousand and fifty two thalers and three Groschen, and that is

6052 Rth.- Pr. Cour through the Ducal Board of Revenue in investments of January 12th, 1835. No.c. 5490 F. and 2 Rth. 3 Gr.- Pr. Cour in cash

6052 Rth.3 Gr.- Pr. Cour Sa. have been assigned to my grandson Herrmann Friedrich Siegmund Richter.

My other children have each received their 6000 Rth. Pr. Cour. in the following Ducal Board of Revenue investments, that is,

6000 Rth.- Pr. Cour. to my absent son Friedrich Hahnemann (whose trustee is Solicitor von Board, here) by Ducal Board of Revenue investment of January 12th, 1835, No.C. 5490b.

6000 Rth.- Pr. Cour. to my daughter Friederike Dellbruck, widow, before named Andrea, by Ducal Board of Revenue investment of January 12th, 1835, No. C. 5490e

6000 Rth.-Pr. Cour. to my daughter Amalie, divorced Liebe, widow Suss, by Ducal Board of Revenue investments of January 12th, 1835. No. C. 5490a.

6000 Rth.- Pr. Cour. to my daughter Louise divorced Mossdorf, by Ducal Board of Revenue investments of January 12th, 1835. No.C. 5490c.

6000 Rth.- Pr. Cour. to my unmarried daughter Charlotte Hahnemann by a Ducal Board of Revenue investment of January 12th, 1835. No. C. 5490d.

“ad Art. XVI of my will”

The 160 Rth. Pr. Cour. in words: I have withdrawn again from my daughter Charlotte since my re-marriage, one hundred and sixty thalers for funeral expenses. These cannot, therefore, be demanded from her after my death.

“ad Art. XVII of my will”

This settlement is herewith cancelled. The expenses of burial as well as the expenses for hospitality and other expenditures mentioned in this article will be taken from my estate according to the then existing amount.

“ad Art. XIX of my will”

It remains only to remark, that I have invested most of my property in Ducal Board of Revenue securities.

The Ducal Board of Revenue investment of 600 thalers Pr. Cour. for my son Friedrich Hahnemann, has been handed over to his trustee Mr. von Brandt, solicitor, residing here, and it is to be kept and administered by him, and as long as I live I wish to receive a yearly account of it, or until the death of my son, if he be still alive and should return, but should he not present himself, an account of it shall be rendered every year to the legal trustees of the Ducal Board of Revenue.

Richard Haehl
Richard M Haehl 1873 - 1932 MD, a German orthodox physician from Stuttgart and Kirchheim who converted to homeopathy, travelled to America to study homeopathy at the Hahnemann College of Philadelphia, to become the biographer of Samuel Hahnemann, and the Secretary of the German Homeopathic Society, the Hahnemannia.

Richard Haehl was also an editor and publisher of the homeopathic journal Allgemcine, and other homeopathic publications.

Haehl was responsible for saving many of the valuable artifacts of Samuel Hahnemann and retrieving the 6th edition of the Organon and publishing it in 1921.
Richard Haehl was the author of - Life and Work of Samuel Hahnemann