Ancestors and Others

The house where Hahnemann was born, is the one that stands in our suburb over the Fleischsteg, at the corner of the Neumarkt, sub. No. 459, registered in the new Brand-register, and now belonging to the smith, Johann Gottlieb Lohse. …





1. 1707. 8th December : Gottfried Hahnemann was born.

Father : Christian Hahnemann.

bapt. 11th December : Godparents: Mrs. Maria Regina, wife of Gottfried Hahnemann, merchant of Leipsic, Zacharias Fieke, the miller (?) of Merseburg, and Michael Francke, the cooper here in Lauchstadt.

2. 1712. 23rd August : dam Friedrich Hahnemann was born.

Father : Christian Hahnemann.

bapt. 25th August : Godparents: Miss Friederika Magdalena, daughter of Just Heinrich Carius the equerry of Merseburg, Adam Samuel Jahck, mayor, and Theodorus Viman, Judge in this town (diseases 1712).


1. 1711. 24th December : Christoph Hahnemann born.

Father : Christoph Hahnemann, the painter. bapt. 27th december : Godparents: Christian Drechssler, Privy Secretary to His Royal highness, the Prince of Weissenfelss, etc., who was represented by Martin Stolle, magistrate and sheriff, Othmar Kunth, magistrate here in Lauchstadt, and Mrs. Dorothea Magdalena, wife of Othmar Kunth, Hoffrath and Commissioner to His Majesty and Royal Highness in Saxony. 2. 1714. 17th April : Johanna Christiana Hahnemann born.

Father : Christoph Hahnemann, the painter

bapt. 19th April : Godparents: Mrs. Dorothea Magdalena, widow of Othmar Kunth, His Majesty’s court adviser and Commissioner, Johann Christoph Kegler, Pastor of Clobicau and Cracau, and also Mrs. Anna Kathrina, the here residing widow of Bartholomai Edelings, official receiver of taxes.

3. 1716. 3rd May : Christiana Beta Hahnemann Born.

Father : Christoph Hahnemann the painter.

bapt. 5th May : Godparents:Gottfried Tummel, Pastor in Grossgrafendorf, Miss Johanna Regina Sommerin, who lives with Mr. Keglern in Clobicau, Mrs. Christina Maria Marholdin, widow of a lieutenant, living with the wife of Lieutenant- colonel von kriegesheim, etc.

4. 1718. 13th March : Theodora Elisabeth born, little daughter of Christoph Hahnemann, the painter. bapt. 15th March : Godparents: Mrs.Johanna Theodora, wife of M. Christian Gottfried Alberti, Pastoris and Senioris, in Schaffstadt; Mrs. Euphrosina Elisabeth, wife of Adam Samuel Jahcks, Mayor here in Lauchstadt; and Mr. George Neick, Pastor in Vesta and Klein Corbetha, who was represented by Adam Samuel Jahck, the Mayor (died 1720).

5. 1720. 24th July : Christian Gottfried, little son of Christoph Hahnemann, the painter.

bapt. 26th July : Godparents: Miss Von Wolfersdorf, of Klein Lauchstadt; Mr. Johann Gottfried Frohlich, Town-Clerk of this place; and Mr. Michael Hennebergk, studiosus juris, who resides with Mr. Pachter Bohmen at kriegstadt.

6. 1722. 15th June : Christian August, little son of Christoph Hahnemann, the painter.

bapt. 18th June : Godparents: Christian Gottfried Reinhardt, Court Councillor to the Prince of Saxony and Merseburg and Erbh, in Neu-Kirchen, etc.; Mrs. Maria, wife of His Majesty’s Magistrate, othmar Kunth, here in Lauchstadt; and Christian Gottfried Alberti, Pastor and Senior in Schaffstadt, etc. who was represented by Johann Hoffmann, official Secretary in this town.

7. 1724. 30th October : Dorothea Margareta, little daughter of Christoph Hahnemann, the painter.

bapt. 2nd November : Godparents: Johann Leonhard Ernst Rasch, Lehen Sekretarius in Merseburg; Mrs. Anna Margaretha, widow of Martin Stollens, deceased official secretary; and Mrs. Brodte, wife of Raths Kammerers Christian Brodte, superintendent of the Hospital in Merseburg (Died 1733.)



Christian Gottfried Hahnemann (Without “h”), painter to the king to Pohl, and to the Prince of Saxony’s porcelain factory in that town, eldest son of Christoph Hahnemann, painter in Lauchstadt [this is not correct, see Supplement I-R. H.).

with spinster Johanne Eleonore, only daughter of his third marriage, of Justi Jordan Deerens, Court tailor, were married here on November 27th,1748

On September 23rd, 1749, twins were born to this couple;one child, johanna Eleonora, lived (died 13th July,1750).

Here is added:

“Alteram gemellam d. 24. circa meridiem one Chirugi mortuam mater cuixa est; et altera Die ipsa obiit died 25.9.1749, age 26 years, I month, 8 days.”)

(English translation: The other female twin was delivered still-born on the 24th, about mid-day by medical help, and the mother died the next day.)

Another entry records that : On November, 2nd,1750

Christian Gottfried Hahnemann was married, a second time, to

Johanna Christiane

only daughter of Herr Johanna Carl Spiessen, Captain and Quarter- master of His Royal Highness Prince of Sachsen-Weimar and Eisenach. The wedding took place, in accordance with the wishes of the pair, in the church of Kotzschenbroda ( N.W.suburb of Dresden– R.H.).

In the church register of Kotzschenbroda we find the following entry on the date named:

Christian Gottfried Hahnemann, Painter to His Majesty’s porcelain factory in Meissen, A widower, etc.

Johanna Christiane,

only daughter of Johann Carl Spiessen, Captain and Quartermaster, etc.



The town councillor of Meissen wrote to Dr. Hirschel, on the occasion of the one-hundredth anniversary ( 1855):

The house where Hahnemann was born, is the one that stands in our suburb over the Fleischsteg, at the corner of the Neumarkt, sub. No. 459, registered in the new Brand-register, and now belonging to the smith, Johann Gottlieb Lohse. At the time when hahnemann was born it was the property of his father, who brought it for the sum of 437 thaler on April 6th, 1753, and was the owner of it until 1782. It still remains the same building.


Two enthusiastic followers of Homoeopathy resolved to have a commemorating panel fixed. There is an original letter of Hahnemann, concerning this, written in French, which reads as follows: Paris,

December 11th,1841 Dear Doctor and Friend,

I have received all your kind letters for which I thank you most heartily, also for your good friendship which I herewith reciprocate. Dr. Schubert, of Leipsic, has written me that Mr. Leaf and Mr. Arles Dufour intend to place an inscription on the house in which I was born at Meissen. He sends me a copy of it, so that I may correct anything that I should judge unsuitable.

Whilst, I appreciate the smallness of my personal value, I must claim in the name of Homoeopathy that the entirely false expression of emendatori be changed into that of conditori. One must break every alliance with the Godless.

Mr. Schubert asks me to address this correction to you in order to lay it properly before Mr.Leaf; I do this herewith;embracing you.

SAMUEL HAHNEMANN Kind regards to Mr.Leaf.

Chr. Fr, Samueli Hahnemann Conditori Medicinae verae celeberrimo Immortali artis medendi homoeopathicae auctori Ejusque primo professori Aegrorum praesidio firmissimo, Summo Saxorum decori, Hoc patria domo monumentum Guilielmus Leaf, Londinesis, et Franciscus Arles, Lugdunensis, Grati, piique Cultores Posuerunt.

anno MDCCCXLII Chr. Fr. Samuel Hahnemann to the famous founder of the true Art of Healing, to the immortal originator and first teacher of the homoeopathic art of healing.

to the true protector of the sick, him who brings the highest honour to Saxony we have set on this house of his Birthplace a remembrance as grateful and devoted admirers William Leaf of London Francis Arles or Lyon In the year 1842. This tablet has not been placed on the ” Hahnemann Restaurant”.Over the entrance is to be found instead this inscription:

Here was born Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, the Founder of Homoeopathy. April 10th, 1755.

Richard Haehl
Richard M Haehl 1873 - 1932 MD, a German orthodox physician from Stuttgart and Kirchheim who converted to homeopathy, travelled to America to study homeopathy at the Hahnemann College of Philadelphia, to become the biographer of Samuel Hahnemann, and the Secretary of the German Homeopathic Society, the Hahnemannia.

Richard Haehl was also an editor and publisher of the homeopathic journal Allgemcine, and other homeopathic publications.

Haehl was responsible for saving many of the valuable artifacts of Samuel Hahnemann and retrieving the 6th edition of the Organon and publishing it in 1921.
Richard Haehl was the author of - Life and Work of Samuel Hahnemann