Repertory of Tongue Symptoms



Abraded. – Acid Muriaticum

Acid Taste. – Natr. phos.

Aching. – Cane. f.

Acrid. – Burning sensation on the tongue, slight, Sang, nitr., Ptelea.

– tongue, Baptisia, Cundu., Sarsaparilla

– taste, Calcarea sulph.

Adhering to the palate, as if. Causticum

Agitation. – Nervous, on trying to speak. Tabacum

Air. – Sensation of cold air passing over tongue. Aeon.

Angina. – Tongue distended, giving patient silly expression in angina or diphtheria, Lyco. Camph.

Aphthae. – Agaricus, Arsenicum, Borax, Camph., Caulo., Chamomilla, Helleborus, Hydras., Merc, Murex ac, Nux vomica,, Plb., Sarsaparilla, Sulphur, Sulphur ac, Tarant., thuja. (In spots, Sul. ac)

– in pregnant and nursing women, Caulo.

– of nursing children, Ceanoth., Borax, Merc, Nux-vom., Sulphur, Sulphur ac

– on tongue and mouth, Argentum nit., Aurum

– on tongue, in mouth, inside of cheeks, with great heat and dryness of mouth. Borax, Helleborus, Hydrastis, lod., Merc, Nitr. ac

– on tongue. Agaricus, Borax, Merc, bij, Sarsaparilla

– dirty looking ulcers and purple blotches in mouth and on tip of tongue, Plb.

– easily bleeding, Borax.

– which are accompanied with considerable debility

– in fevers, Arsenicum, Sulphur, Acid Sulphuricum

– which are accompanied with rhagades on the whitish-coated tongue, Cicuta.

– when complicated with tuberculosis, lod., Sulphur

Aphthous. – Aethusa, Borax, Illic, Merc, Nux vomica, phosphorus, Plb., Acid Sulphuricum (in spots. )

– acute inflammation and a. ulceration of mouth, tongue and fauces, with burning, stinging pains, Arum tr.

– child cannot nurse, a. inflammation is so painful. Borax,

– follicular ulceration of mouth and tongue. Kali chl.

Appetite. – White-coated tongue, with want of a. in morning, Selenium

Articulation. – Paralysis of tongue and difficult articulation. Gelsemium, Opi., (Causticum, Dulc, Hydrophyllum, nux mos., Nux vomica)

Astringent Sensation. – Argentum nit., Nat. mur.. Sanguinaria

Ash colored. – Mercurius i. fl.

Asleep. – Borax.

Atrophy of tongue, Acid Muriaticum

Ataxia. – Kali bichromicum

Awaking. – Mouth and tongue dry on a., Podophyllum

– tongue dry in morning on a., Clem.

Back. – Taste, sweetish, sour or metallic on b. part of tongue, Bism.

– tongue and b. part of mouth in part excoriated, in part covered with small blisters, Cantharis

– sensation of hair lying on back part of tongue. Kali bichromicum, Natr. mur., (forepart, Silicea)

– pain in b. part of tongue as if swollen, Spigelia part black, Veratrum alb.

– burnt feeling, Phyto.

– furred thickly, Kali bichromicum, (yellow), Nux vomica, phyto.

– tubercles and vesicles, painful, Graph,

– yellow bright (tip and edges red), Mercurius i. fl.

Base. – Blisters, full of, in part, and in part excoriated,

– of, painful when protruded, Cocc.

– of, swollen, Phosphorus

– of, yellow, thick, Mercurius i. fl.

– tongue coated yellow along center or b., with bitter taste in mouth, Collin,

– of tongue covered with a thick, dirty-yellow coating, especially on rising in morning. Mercurius i. fl.

Basis. – Tongue thick, bluish and covered with grayish-white membrane (false membrane), or containing deep ulcers, with black bases, vesicles with

– burning, Acid Muriaticum

Beet. – Tongue red like a b., Nitr. ac.

– tongue red like a b., with prominent papillae, Arum tr.

Behind. – Tongue trembles when protruded or catches behind teeth, Lachesis

Beneath. – Blisters on and beneath tongue, with stinging pain, Chamomilla

Biting. – Biting sensation on tongue, with soreness, burning and stinging in back part of throat, Arnica

Biting. – Acet. ac, Carb. ac, Colchicum, Gloninum, lod., Lachesis, mitch., Mez., Ptelea, Sul., Veratrum; from tobacco,Cocc; in spots, Gloninum

– sensation on tongue, Am., Asarum europaeum, 0l. an., Teucrium

– tongue. Thuja.

– tongue at night in sleep, Phosphorus ac

– ulcers on tongue, Natr. mur.

– vesicles on tongue, Natr. mur., Rhododendron

– sense of. Aeon., Am.

– tongue when chewing or talking, Causticum, Ignatia, petroleum

Bites tongue in epilepsy, Absinth., Camph.

– tongue when chewing, Nitr. ac.

– tongue easily, Thuja.

– tongue, Absinth., Dioscorea, Ignatia, Phosphorus ac. Thuja.

Bitter. – Taste bitter, disgusting, Arnica

– tongue coated yellow along centre or base, with bitter taste in mouth, Collinsonia

Bitterness on palate with dryness of tongue, Carbo. veg.

Black. – Anth., Argentum nit. (like the teeth), Arsenicum, Bufo., Carb. veg., China, Cuprum, Elaps., Lachesis (and stiff), Lept. (down the center), Lyco. (and cracked), Merc, sol., Nux vomica (and cracked, with bright red edges), Opi., Rhus., Phosphorus, Secale, Veratrum alb. (back part.)

– dry, almost black tongue in typhus, Arnica

– tongue dry, brown or black, with a low typhoid condition, Arsenicum

– posterior part of tongue black, Veratrum alb.

– tongue turns black, Carb. veg.

– tongue dry, red b., stiff and cracked, Lachesis, rhus tox.

– dry, b. or cracked tongue, Lyco. (Arsenicum, Lachesis, phos, Rhus tox. )

– tongue red, swollen, ulcerated, b., with red edges, swollen, coated white, moist with intense thirst, swollen, flabby, showing impress of teeth on

– margin, difficult to move, difficult speech, stammering, Mercurius

– tongue thick, bluish, covered with grayish- white membrane (false membrane), or containing deep ulcers with b. bases; vesicles with burning. Mercurius ac.

– tongue purple, b., white, Opi.

– tongue swollen, dry and b., Phosphorus

– or brownish tongue in fevers, Secale

– tongue coated b., Arsenicum, China, Elaps., Lachesis, Merc, Opi., Phosphorus, Secale, Veratrum alb.

– ulcers on tongue with b. base, Acid Muriaticum

– coating on, small. Am. caust.

– on the edges, Nux. vom.

– on the centre, Lept.

– streak down center of, Cblor. hydr.

Blackish. – China, Merc, Phosphorus, Sec, Veratrum alb.

– tongue cold, dry, b., cracked, red and swollen, veratrum alb.

– tongue red with b. coat, Mercurius cor.

Bleed. – Burning vesicles on gums and on inside of

– cheeks, tongue, lips and palate, they b. from least contact, Magn. carb.

Bleeding. – Mouth very sore, parched and dry, mucous membrane cracked and b.. tongue swollen and covered with blisters on each side, Lachesis

Blister. – Smarting blister on right side of tongue, Sulphur

– tip of tongue red, with small burning b. thereon,

– impeding speech and chewing, Cyclamen

– on the sides of. Hamamelis

Blisters on tip of tongue, Natr. phos., Natr. sulph.

– base of t. full of blisters in part, and in part excoriated, Cantharis

– on. Am. carb., Belladonna, Berberis, Carb. veg.. Graphites, Helleborus, Merc, Natrum mur., scilla, Spigelia, Thuja, Zinc

– on tip. Am. mur., Natr. Sulph., Nitr.

– on tip, burning, Nitr., Am. mur.

– on each side, tongue feels rough, great pain at root

– on swallowing, red tip, Phyto.

– rawness, burning and painful stinging b. long edge

– of tongue. Apis,

– sore burning b. on tongue, Argentum met.

– painful b. in mouth and on tongue, Arsenicum

– painful white b. on tip of tongue, Berberis

– painful red blister on tongue, as if surface were eroded, Borax.

– small burning b. on tongue, painful to touch, Caps.

– several small b. on tip of tongue, Bryonia

– tip of tongue sore, burning (Calcarea carb., Carb. an., Cole, Kali carb.), little b. on it, Calcarea ph.

– on and beneath tongue, with stinging pain, Chamomilla

– mouth slimy, b. on inner surface of cheek and tongue, Calcarea carb.

– tongue and back of mouth in part excoriated, in part covered with small b., Cantharis

– tongue feels rough, white-coated b. on both sides and very red tip, Phytox. (Arsenicum Rhus tox.)

– mouth and tongue full of b.. Staphysagria

– on tongue, in mouth, Sulphur

– mouth very sore, parched and dry, mucous membrane cracked and bleeding, tongue swollen and covered with b. on each side, Lachesis

Burning, stinging b. on tongue and buccal cavity, Kali chl.

Numerous b. on tongue which have a burning pain, Lyco.

Painful b. on tongue with burning, Acid Muriaticum

– with burning pain on tip of tongue, Natr. sulph.

– and ulcers on tongue and on its margin, with burning pain when touched, Nitr. ac.

– small b. on tip of tongue, Mercurius bij.

– tongue coated yellow, burning, with b. cracked, Spigelia

Blood. – Tongue covered with a tough yellow coating, taste putrid, taste of b., Asclep. tub.

– tongue very much swollen, painful and covered with foul ulcers with constant oozing of b. as from a spongy tissue, these ulcers make swallowing very difficult, Merc,

– oozes from tongue, Guaraea, Kali bichromicum, Merc, Secale

Blotches. – Aphthae, dirty-looking ulcers and purple b.

– in mouth and on tip of tongue, Plb.

Blue. – Arsenicum, Carb. veg., Digitalis, Murex ac, Sabad., Spigelia, thuja,

– and sore, Acid Muriaticum

– sticky and moist, Carb. veg.

Bluish. – Arsenicum, Benz. ac, Colchicum, Cuprum sulph., Murex ac, opi., Tabacum

Bluish- Red. – Raph.; in spots, Argentum nit.

– white, Gymnoc.

– aphthae in mouth, they become bluish, Arsenicum

– swelling of tongue. Digitalis

– color of tongue, Acid Muriaticum

– ulcers on tongue, Arsenicum, Aurum

– tip, rest white, Sabad.

Bloody. – Lachesis

Boil. – Tongue sore, pains like a boil. Sanguinaria

Border. – Ulcers on right border of tongue eating into itand discharging pus, carcinoma, Silicea

Hard raised spot size of a lentil on right anteriorb. of tongue, shooting pain in it when moving tongue, Sulphur

Borders. – Tongue coated white with red tip and b., Sulphur, Rhus tox.

Boring on Tongue. – Clem., Conium (at night).

Brain. – Tongue and glottis partially paralyzed, speech thick as if drunk, from congestion of base of b..Gelsemium

Breath. – Cold tongue and b. with mottled skin, Colchicum

Inflammed tongue, red, raw, painful, coated white, fetid b.. Gels,

– fetid, with white tongue. Kali brom.

Bright-Red, with rawness, Magn. phos.

Broad, red with indented edges, Kali bichromicum, Merc, viv., Podophyllum, Rhus.

Tongue feels too b., too large, Paris, Pulsatilla, Plb., Zinc,

– full and broad with a pasty coat in center and shows imprint of teeth, Podophyllum

– and white, center brown, Viburn.

Brown. – Coating in center, edges red and shining, Baptisia

– coating in the morning, Sumbul. Ailanth. (in the middle), Arnica (dry and a streak down the middle), Arsenicum Baptisia, (down center and dry), Belladonna, (mucus), Cuprum, Dios, (and sore on tip).Eup. purp. (along the center). Gels, (thick), Hyoscyamus (dry, and cracked, hard), lod. (and dry), Lachesis (center, tip red), Plb. (dry and cracked), Rhus tox. (mucus), Secale., Silicea (mucus), Spongia. (dry), Sulphur (dry),

– dark, Bryonia (rough, cracked),

– light, Actea rac. (more in the middle),

– brownish, Nux vomica, Kali phos., Natr. Sulph.

– brownish-yellow, Cina. Ptelea (dry), Rumex.

– brownish-red, Rumex.

– brownish coating. Belladonna, Cocculus indicus c, Hyoscyamus, Phosphorus, Sabina, Silicea, Sulph, Veratrum alb.

– brownish coating thick, lips and teeth covered, Colchicum

– brownish coating thick, yellow, Kali bichromicum

– brown patch, with long papillae on dorsum, Kali bichromicum

– brown streak in center. Am., Baptisia, Eup. purp., Hyoscyamus

– brown streak in center, with thick white coat, Ailanth.

– brown streak in center, white edges, lod.

Brown. – Tongue red at tip, or dry with a b. streak

– down middle, edges moist. Apis.

– tongue dry, b. or black, with a low typhoid condition, Arsenicum

– yellow along center, first white with reddish papillae, followed by yellow b. coating.

– coated in center, edges dark-red and shining; dry,

– b. down centre, (Plb.).

– cracked, sore, ulcerated, Baptisia (Apis, Arsenicum, rhus tox.).

– tongue b. in morning, Baptisia

– streak down center, edges clean and red, Baptisia

– tongue coated with yellow b. mucus, Carb. veg.

Tongue coated thick and b., diphtheria. China ars.

– dry, b., coated tongue, Cocculus indicus c.

Tongue scarlet-red, b or swollen, Crot. hor.

– tongue red, dry and rough, or coated white, yellow or b., Cuprum

– heavy b. coating on tongue mornings, Dioscorea

– tongue dry, red, b., cracked and tremulous, Hyoscyamus

– tongue b. and dry in middle, Phosphorus

– tongue dry and b. centre, Phosphorus

– margin of tongue red, b. fur down center, Plb. (Baptisia, Phosphorus).

– tongue b., yellow, dry, Ptelea.

– tongue covered with b. mucus, Rhus tox.

– tongue coated yellow, yellowish b. or reddish b. Rumex.

– tongue brown, dry, Spongia

– tongue b., dry in center, or dry and swollen, Stramonium

– b., parched, cracked tongue, Sulphur

– Root of tongue b. without bad taste, in morning, Verb.

– tongue dry, broad and white; centre b., leaves im-

– press of teeth, Vib. op.

– black or brownish tongue in furs, Secale

Bruised sensation, Secale

Burn. – Spots on tongue burn like fire, Arsenicum

– vesicles on tongue burn much, Nitr. ac.

– mouth and tongue b. as if scalded, Mag. mur.

– tongue smarts as if burned. Am. brom.

– tongue dry and red as if burned, with a brown

– streak down center; edges clean and red, Baptisia

– sensation as if tongue had been burned, Podophyllum

– sensation in middle of tongue as if had been

– burned. Pulsatilla

– tongue feels as if burned, Rumex.

– tongue feels as if burned or as if sore. Sanguinaria

– burning, tingling and numbness of lips, mouth and tongue. Aeon.

– sensation as if tongue is swollen; burning, prickling, tingling, Aeon.

– burning vesicles on tongue. Aeon.

– burning like pepper on lips and tongue. Aeon.

– smarting, b. of tip of tongue as from pepper. Agaricus

– vesicles on tip of tongue with burning pain. Am.mur. (Arsenicum, Mercurius cor.).

– blister on tip of tongue, with burning pain. Am. mur.

– rawness, burning and painful stinging blisters along edges of tongue. Apis.

– sore, burning blisters on tongue, Argentum met.

– biting sensation on tongue with soj^eness, burning and stinging in back part of throat, Arnica

– violent burning on tongue, Arsenicum

Burning in mouth, pharynx, and oesophagus, Arsenicum, (Aeon., Cantharis, Caps.).

– pain in tongue as if covered with b., painful vesicles, Arsenicum

– cracked tongue, painful and burning, Arum tr.

– burning sensation across tongue, Asarum europaeum

– smarting, b. pain in tip of tongue, cracked and sore. Baryta carb.

– acute inflammation and aphthous ulceration of

– mouth, tongue and fauces with b., stinging pains. Arum tr.

– hardness on middle of tongue, b. when touched. Baryta carb.

– feeling at tip of tongue as if a vesicle was on it, with b. pain when touched, Bell,

– burning on under surface of tongue, Bromium

– small b. blisters on tongue painful to touch. Caps,

– burning pain at tip of tongue (Calcarea ph., Carb. an., Coloc. ), as from soreness, worse from warm food or drink, Caladium

– burning on tip of tongue and rawness of mouth, Carbo animalis

– burning on tip of tongue as from pepper, Teucrium (followed by ptyalism, China.)

– burning stitches on tongue, China,

– burning on tip of tongue with ptyalism, China,

– burning on tip of tongue, Coloc., Cyclamen, Gum. gut., Hydrastis, Kali carb., Kali jod., Merc, Natr. carb., Natr. mur.. Rat., Sabad.

– tip of tongue red with small b. blisters thereon, impeding speech and chewing, Cyclamen

– burning blister, vesicles on lower side of tip of tongue, Graphites, Merc, viv., Nitr. ac.

– burning on tongue or tip which feels hard. Gum. gut.

– burning pimples on tongue, Kali mur.

– burning pain on surface of tongue, Sulphur

– burning and soreness on tip of tongue. Kali carb.

– blisters stinging, b. on tongue and buccal cavity, Kali chl.

– burning vesicles on gums and on inside of cheeks, tongue, lips and palate, they bleed from least contact, Magn. carb.

– rhagades in tongue with violent b., Magn. carb.

– burning vesicles on left side of tongue, Mang.

– red tongue with much b. and great thirst, Mercurius viv.

– mouth and tongue b. and parched, Mercurius cor.

– numerous blisters on tongue which have a b. pain. Lycopodium

– blisters with b. pain on tip of tongue, Natr. sulph.

– blisters and ulcers on tongue and its margins, with b. pain when touched, Nitr. ac.

– violent b. in tongue and mouth extending to stomach, Arsenicum, Mez.

– burning on tip of tongue as if full of cracks, Natr. sulph.

– vesicles and ulcers in mouth and on tongue, smarting and b. when touched by food, Natr. mur.

– tongue sensitive, red, dry, b., swollen, with thick white coating. Acid oxalicum

– tongue coated yellow, b., with blisters, cracked, Spigelia

– burning sensation in tongue and fauces, Tabac.

– Nurses’ sore mouth, extending from mouth to anus, tongue sore, red and glossy, b. like fire, Terebintha

– burning on anterior half of tongue, Gum. gut.

– swelling of lower lip and tip of tongue, with violent b. that wakes one at night, Natr. mur.

– burning vesicles on tongue, Natr. mur., Rhododendron

– tip of tongue burns as if scalded, Sang,

– tongue burns like fire, Magn. mur.

– blisters in mouth pain as if burnt, Ambr.

– tongue feels as if burnt, coated whitish, Cimex.

– tongue rough, dry or feels cold, numb or burnt, Laur.

– tongue feels burnt, mouth feels scalded, Magn. mur.

– burnt feeling on back of tongue, Phytolacca

– tip of tongue feels burnt, dry and painful, Psorinum

– loss of taste, with burnt feeling on tongue. Sang,

– tongue feels burnt. Iris, Acid Sulphuricum, Hamamelis, Rumex., Therid.

– sensation in middle of tongue as if burnt, Hyos, Platina, Psorinum, Pulsatilla, Sabad., Sepia

– sensation on tip of tongue as if burnt, Lactuca., Mercurius sol.

– burning, pungent pain on tongue, as from pepper-

– mint, with peculiar onion or garlic taste, Bisulph. of carb.

– burnt, tongue feels as if, on the sides. Dioscorea

– burning, sensation of, on tongue, Menisp.

– burning, prickling sensation of the tongue, Ptelea.

– burnt feeling with loss of taste and smell, Sang,

– burning on tongue. Aeon., Apis., Arsenicum, Arum. Asarum europaeum, Baryta carb., Belladonna, Bisulph. of carb., Bovista Calcarea carb., Carb. veg., Causticum, Cimex, Cocculus indicus c. Coloc., Colchicum, Daph., Dioscorea, Gum. gut., Hyoscyamus, Hipp, m., Ind., lod., Ignatia, Jac. car.. Kali chl., Kali carb., Lachesis, Magn. mur., Merc, Merc cor., Menisp., Natr. sulph., Ol. an.. Acid oxalicum, PhelL, Phosphorus, Phosphorus ac. Platina, Podophyllum, Plumb., Pulsatilla, Prun. s., Ptelea., Ranunculus sc. Rat., Rhododendron, Sanguinaria, Sabad., Senega., Sepia, Sulphur, Spigelia, Ver alb.

– burning at tip in evening, Cyclamen

– burning at tip and front half, which feels hard, Gambogia

– burning sensation across, Asarum. Eup.

– burning on tongue, causes irritation to cough, Aconite ferox.

– burning on tip as from pepper, Teucrium

– burning on tip, Baryta c., Calcarea carb., Carb. an., Colchicum, Coloc., Cyclamen, Gumm. gut., Hydrastis, Hydroc. ac., Kali carb., Kali hydr., Kali jod., Lact., Mercurius s., Natr. carb., Natr. mur., Rat., sabad.

– burning right side, following violent sticking, Kali nit.

Cancer of tongue, Aurum, Arsenicum, Hydrastis, Kali cyan., Silicea, Thuja, Tarent. (?) Galium.

Cancerous tumor on the tongue, Galium, Semper.

– affections of the tongue, Hydrastis

Canker spots near tip, Hamamelis

Carcinoma. – Ulcer on border of tongue eating into it, and discharging pure pus; c., Silicea

Catches. – Tongue trembles when protruded, or c. behind teeth, Lachesis

Ceases. – Tongue very foul, but becomes clean at each menstrual flow, returning again when flow c. Sepia.

Center. – Tongue coated, yellow along c. or base, with bitter taste in mouth, Collinsonia, Baptisia

– tongue vivid red at tip and edges, coated yellow in – c.; whitish and dry, Fluor, ac.

Center. – Margin of tongue red, brown fur down c., Baptisia, Phosphorus, Plb.

– tongue dry and brown center, Phosphorus

– tongue coated white in center, with a dark streak along edges, Petroleum

– tongue full and broad, with a pasty coating in

– center, and shows imprint of teeth, Podophyllum

– tongue yellowish-brown, dry in c, or dry and swollen, Stramonium

– tongue yellow with red stripe in c, Verbascum vir.

– tongue dry, broad and white; c, brown; leaves impress of teeth, Vib. op.

– dark brown streak in c. of tongue, Caladium

– tongue dry and red as if burned, with brown streak down c.; edges clean and red, Baptisia

– tongue hot, dry, red, cracked; white c. and red edges, Belladonna

– margin of tongue red, c. white, Gelsemium

– tongue yellow along c., first white with reddish

– papillae, followed by yellow-brown coating in c, edges dark-red and shining; dry, brown down c; c. sore, ulcerated, Baptisia (Apis, Arsenicum, Rhus t.)

– tongue black down the center, Lept., Chlorum hydr.

– tongue brown down the center, Baptisia, Eup. purp., Lachesis (red tip),

– tongue chapped deeply in c, Mercurius i. fl. (rest dry),

– tongue dry c. Ant. tart., (red), Apis (white), Stramonium (yellow),

– tongue fissured in c., Mez.

– tongue hard in c., Baryta carb.

– tongue red in c, Ant. tart., (dry), Cham, (sides white),

– tongue white in c. Apis (dirty, dry). Bell, (with red edges, or two white stripes), Gels, (red margin), Petrol, (and a dark streak along edges), Stramonium

– tongue, yellow center, Collin, (also base), Acidum fluoricum (tip and edges red), Lept. (down), Stramonium (dry). tongue yellowish-brown c., Baptisia (late),

– tongue brown coating in c., edges red and shining, Baptisia

– tongue whitish coating, thickly covered, brown in c, Ailanth. gl.

– tongue coated white, with prominent white papillae, followed by yellow-brown coating in c.; edges red and shining, Baptisia

– tongue yellow along center, with pain in submaxillary gland, Lept.

– tongue yellow along center and base, Ptelea.

– tongue yellowish along the center. Pulsatilla Nut.

– tongue white, c. and base, sides very red, Rhus ven.

– tongue yellow along c, with flat, bitter taste in the morning; Verbascum vir.

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