CUPRUM ACETICUM signs and symptoms of the homeopathy remedy from the Text Book of Materia Medica and Therapeutics of Rare Homeopathic Remedies by Oscar Hansen. Find out the indications for the use of homeopathy medicine CUPRUM ACETICUM …

Characteristic Symptoms

      Violent, lancinating, throbbing pains in the forehead. Face collapsed, hippocratic. Convulsions. Collapse. Coldness especially of the extremities. Violent, spasmodic cough. Respiration short, difficult. Spasmodic constriction of the chest. Dyspnoea. Violent, spasmodic pains in the stomach and abdomen. Vomiting. Slimy, brown diarrhoea. Violent tenesmi to stool.


      Acts similarly to Cuprum metallicum, but is more violent in action. Convulsions. Collapse. Chorea. Epilepsy. Cyanosis in cholera asiatica. Asthma bronchiale. Tussis convulsiva. Cholera asiatica and nostras. Paralysis after spasms. Vaginismus. Chronic psoriasis and Lepra. Otherwise it is used by Cuprum metallicum symptoms.

Oscar Hansen
Dr. Oscar Hansen, M.D., from Denmark, was a corresponding member of the British Homeopathic Society and the American Institute of Homeopathy. His book 'Textbook of Materia Medica and Therapeutics of Rare Homeopathic Remedies' was published in 1899.