ANGUSTURA VERA signs and symptoms of the homeopathy remedy from the Text Book of Materia Medica and Therapeutics of Rare Homeopathic Remedies by Oscar Hansen. Find out the indications for the use of homeopathy medicine ANGUSTURA VERA…

Characteristic Symptoms

      Tensive pain in the temporal muscles when opening the jaws. Drawing in the facial muscles. Pain in the masseter muscles, as if one had fatigued them by chewing too much. Violent palpitation of the heart when sitting or sleeping, with a painful sensation as if the heart were constricted. (Cactus grandifl.). Cutting pains under right scapula to the nipple. Stiff pain, like drawing, between the scapulae and in the nape of the neck, as in electric shock. Jerking stitches in the left thigh and in the upper border of the ilium, extremely painful, and felt only when sitting.


      Caries, especially of the long bones (T.F. Allen). Facial pain, one case cured with 1st cent. dil. (cited by R. Hughes). Necrosis of the lower jaw (Farrington). A confirmed clinical symptom is: craving for coffee (Dunham, Boenninghausen, Aegidi). Tenesmus recti, with soft stool; urging to urinate, with copious flow; injury of periosteum (Ruta) with incipient muscular contractions are confirmed clinical indications. The remedy has also been recommended in tetanus traumaticus, trismus, anaesthesia nervi trigemini, and myelitis.

Oscar Hansen
Dr. Oscar Hansen, M.D., from Denmark, was a corresponding member of the British Homeopathic Society and the American Institute of Homeopathy. His book 'Textbook of Materia Medica and Therapeutics of Rare Homeopathic Remedies' was published in 1899.