All other medical systems had been based upon certain doctrines of life and disease: Hahnemann’s method was utterly independent of them. His whole argument might be conducted, as indeed it is in the first three editions of his work, without any discussion of Physiological and Pathological questions….

Organon Concluded

He adopted the view that vitality was a “force,” analogous to the physical agencies so called, without which the material organism would lack sensation and functional activity, which animates and energies it during life and leaves it at death….

Knowledge of Disease

The etiology and Pathology of the disease were more or less uncertain, and our conceptions of them was liable to vary as new facts came into view. But its clinical features remained….

Homoeopathy – Its Nature and Origin

Small doses, then, speaking comparatively, is an essential element of the Homoeopathic method. But that such dosage should be what is known as infinitesimal that it should habitually deal with fractions from millionth upwards to this Homoeopathy does not compel either logically or practically….