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Could Nirbhaya of Delhi have been saved with homoeopathic
medicines? What is the remedy that would have cured Nirbhaya of Delhi, in one single dose? A practitioner ought to keep these remedies in his fingertip! Dr. Hahnemann, in his own time, had remarked, “Many of my followers, I am sorry to say, are but half converts.” That holds good even today. The seminars, articles in journals, socalled research papers, etc. are nothing but mockery of not only homoeopathy but also of homoeopaths. The reader need not say that any remedy prescribed on ‘totality-of-symptoms’ would have cured the gang rape victim Nirbhaya who died of septicaemia. That is a vague statement.
In emergencies nature speaks plainly. The more danger to
life, the clearer the symptoms speak and quicker our remedy
acts. Treatment for Nirbhaya: One single dose of the remedy Crotalus
horridus (be it in 200th or 1000th or 10m potency) would have saved Nirbhaya. What is the case and why Crotalus Horridus for that? SEPTICAEMIA CAUSED BY TRAUMA WITH HAEMORRHAGE. Malignant diseases with blood degeneration are magically cured with one single dose of the remedy Crotalus horridus –
10M. What are those diseases of blood which threaten the life of the patient? They are: (a) septicaemia caused by trauma with bleeding (b) uncomplicated cases of blood cancer (c) haemophilia
HIGH DEFINITION 27-09-2014.PMD 23 (d) jaundice after blood transfusion (e) infective hepatitis (f) hepatitis B virus ‘Septicaemia’ is a ‘general’ symptom. ‘Traumatic haemorrhage’ is another general symptom. A general symptom occurring as a concomitant or modality to another general symptom is like the apex court judgment. Crotalus horridus is the only remedy for this. On page 912 of one of the highdefinition reference works, Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Dr. Samuel Lilienthal, we find the following: Pyaemia, septicaemia: Acon., Arn., Ars., Calend., Canth., Carbol. ac., Chin. arom., Chinin. mur. or sulph., Crotal., Lach., Nit. ac., Rhus, Veratr. vir., Zinc. —for the haemorrhages: Crotal., Ergot., Kreos., Nitr. ac., Mur. ac., Fer-mur., Tarent-c., Tereb. —for the adynamia: Mosch., Camph., Carb. v., Crotal., Lach., Phos., Sil., Veratr. alb., Veratr. vir., Sulph.
Crotalus horridus alone is common to the above three rubrics. Does any homoeopath want a better justification for the necessity of Lilienthal’s work? During the South Delhi Homoeo Association Conference conducted at New Delhi during September 14-15, 2013, I asked an audience of about one hundred and fifty homoeopaths to raise the hands if they have a copy of the homoeo reference book The
Accoucheur’s Emergency Manual by Dr. W. A. Yingling and/or
Homoeopathic Therapeutics by Dr. Samuel Lilienthal. To my shock, only half-a-dozen homoeopaths raised their hands. Most of the homoeopaths have never referred to these two books. Is homoeopathy to be practised out of sheer whims and fancies or is it an exact and accurate science?


Dr. Samuel Lilienthal, M.D.
We have cured three similar cases of septicaemia; one case was that of a boy attacked with knives; the other two were victims of road accidents; all were bleeding and also developed septicaemia before being admitted to the hospital several hours later. In these three serious cases allopathic doctors gave up hope. We cured all these cases with one single dose of Crotalus-hor., much to the astonishment of allopaths. That is why we are now able to write boldly that the gang rape ‘victim’ Nirbhaya too could have been saved with one single dose of this remedy. The anxious practitioner may ask why the high potency? Of course, Dr. Hahnemann did not use above the 30th potency. Does it mean that higher potencies are of no use? The answer, again, is given by Dr. W. A. Yingling: “With the high potencies . . . frequent repetitions are unnecessary . . .” [See The Accoucheur’s Emergency Manual, Preface and Introduction.] Lilienthal’s work is an outstanding and laborious effort. He is a pioneer in the field of homeopathic therapeutics. It is a complete work and an easy reference book listing various disorders alphabetically with remedy reference. This therapeutic manual offers a wide array of ailments and clinical conditions with thorough and reliable remedy
differentiation. This magnificent treatise will serve as an invaluable guide to effective remedy application by comparing the characteristics of each remedy given under every pathological condition. This book will enable students and practitioners to enhance their art of prescription. No author has excelled Lilienthal, excepting, of course, Dr. Yingling. The first and last disqualification for any homoeopath is not making use of Lilienthal in his day to day practice!
Jayerkar, bensation method, Hegal method… What are
they? Throw them out! They are the measles and mumps of
homoeopathic community.
HIGH DEFINITION 27-09-2014.PMD 26 One of the medical emergencies is during childbirth or abortion. Again, I asked the audience to raise their hands if anyone had ever treated or cured a difficult labor case and none lifted their hands. Actual cases cured by the author:
Case: I once visited an old friend of mine in Delhi where I saw his pregnant daughter sitting and shedding tears. Upon inquiry her mother told me that the next day was delivery date and the doctors said that she was very weak and so wouldn’t be able to develop any labor pain; therefore, caesarean alone was to be done. In the Accoucheur’s Emergency Manual by Dr. W. A. Yingling (page 231) we find the following:
Weak, patient too weak to develop
normal pains: Caul., Mur-ac. Since Muriatic acid has more weakness I started putting questions to the patient along the symptoms of this remedy. A characteristic symptom in the remedy Muriatic acid is “Mouth and anus chiefly affected.” [See Boericke’s Materia
Medica.] I asked her whether she was having soreness or any complaint in mouth and to this she replied in the affirmative. I further asked if she had similar complaint in her anus and she confirmed this too. I went to a nearby homoeo drug store, bought one dram pills of Muriatic Acid 200 (they did not have this remedy above the 200th potency) and asked the patient to take one pill every four hours. (Had 10M potency been available then, I would have given that. For example, if you want to give a dose of 10M and if that potency is not available you may give 200th or 1M potency every 4-8 hours, three doses only. Three doses of 200 or 1M would act like a single dose of 10M.) Within minutes of taking a dose of Muriatic Acid-200 she developed labor pains; was rushed to hospital and upon entering
HIGH DEFINITION 27-09-2014.PMD 27 she took another dose. Within halfan-hour it was a normal and safe delivery.
Precision and versatility is the
culture of Homoeopathy.


Dr.  W. A. Yingling, M.D.
Case: A pregnant lady in a village went to a town (where her sister lived) for delivery. The doctors in a nursing home after examining her, declined to admit her because instead of descending, the uterus was in the upward position. She was then taken to the Govt. hospital. Upon examining her, even they said that a major surgery had to be done and since the senior surgeon was not available they would not admit her. She came home weeping. When I heard this I wanted to find out if homoeopathy could help her and so turned to Yingling. On page 229 we find the following: Upward, uterus seems to go: Cimic. I gave her Cimicifuga (Actaea recemosa)-10M, one single dose. Within minutes she felt the uterus coming down to its normal position; and also developed labor pains: so, was rushed to the hospital. This time, upon examining her, the attending doctor said that everything was normal and so admitted her and it was a safe and normal delivery! Does the reader need any further or better justification for having a copy of Yingling?Let him not practise homoeopathy who has not readseveral times the Preface and Introduction in the bookThe Accoucheur’s Emergency Manual by Yingling. [Copy of this book can be had from the author by sending Rs.380=00 by money order only.]Dr. W. A. Yingling, M.D.HIGH DEFINITION 27-09-2014.PMD 28‘MIND’ SYMPTOMS