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Repertorisation is not what you have hitherto learnt
Without actual cases, one cannot learn practical
homoeopathy. Following are actual cases treated by us:
Case: A primipara (first pregnancy lady) was having morning
sickness from her third month till the sixth month. After
taking full meals when she gets up to wash hands she would
vomit all that she had taken in the reverse order. As the patient
was in a faraway place she was asked to write down in her
own handwriting her symptoms as if she is telling her friend
about her complaints. Her letter is given below.
“After full meals as I get up I get vomiting. So after
eating, I wash my hands in the plate and lie down. Only after
half-an-hour or so I get up.
I also feel foetus’ kicking pain in a particular spot. When
a heavy truck goes on the road making a thunder noise, I feel
that noise hitting in that place in my belly where the kick of
the child causes pain.
Case repertorisation:
Boericke’s Repertory (last chapter) MODALITIES
Jar — Ars., Bell., Berb. v., Bry., Cic., Crot., Glon., Ign.,
Nux-v., Spig., Ther.
Noise —Acon., Asar., Bell., Bar., Calad., Cham., Cinch.,
Cocc., Coff., Colch., Ferr., Glon., Ign., Lyc., Mag.
m., Med., Nux-m., Nux-v., Onosom., Phos.,
Solan-lyc., Spig., Tar-h., Ther.
The six remedies viz., Bell., Glon., Ign., Nux-v., Spig.,
and Ther. are common to the above two lists. All these six

remedies were studied in Boericke’s Mat. Medica.
The remedy Theridion was selected because of the
following found therein.
Sensitive to noise; it
penetrates the body… Noises
seem to strike on painful spots
over the body.
Theridion-30, single dose completely stopped the
vomiting and pain < by noise.
Case: A boy of ten years was brought by the father. The latter
“He is having less concentration in studies.”
Myself: What is the report of the class teacher about
Father: He says that my son is intelligent, but lacks
concentration. He is a capable boy and only if he concentrates
can he shine well. He was scoring 95 marks in earlier classes.
He has become dull in the last two years.
(I then asked general questions about his food habits,
appetite, sleep etc.)
Father: One point. He goes to bed at 9 p.m. and will
immediately sleep. Morning we have to wake him up and
even at 6 o’clock on waking, he is not fresh or active. He goes
to drum classes. That teacher says he is excellent in his
performance on certain days only.
I asked the boy some questions about his difficulties to
which he replied, ‘Nothing.’ To some questions he nodded his
head or answered in single words.

Kent’s Repertory — MIND — Answers, shortly, curtly
ANSWERS, refuses to.
In the above case, there are two generals viz., (1) Sleep,
unrefreshing; and (2) plethora.
Earlier he was scoring 95% marks. The drums teacher
tells that (on some days) he is excellent. First ranking and
centum-scoring boys are plethoric individuals.
Kent’s Repertory — SLEEP — UNREFRESHING…
‘Sleep’ is a general symptom and ‘Unrefreshing sleep’ is
rare-strange-peculiar; good sleep should refresh any healthy
person in the morning. The remedy Phosphorus alone is
common in top-grade in both the above rubrics. This remedy
is also found in Kent’s Repertory under MIND — ‘Answers,
shortly, curtly’ and ‘Answers, refuses to’.
The remedy was read in Final Materia Medica of Mind
Symptoms and the following symptoms under Phosphorus
agreed with the case:
slow in replies… weakness…
Note: We do not use or recommend homoeo books by Indian
authors, or for that matter any book published abroad after the
year 1946; They are not at all useful in finding the remedy.
The research in homoeopathy and seminars should
only focus on how to use the references works listed on page
11 of this book.

Case: In some cases it is possible to treat a patient through
letter communication. Such a letter from a patient is given
Respected Doctor,
I’ve been suffering from cold and bad throat for quite a
long time now. It occurs during the change of season. I also
have sinusitis which is hereditary (paternal uncle – Chacha).
I’ve a tendency of sneezing a lot early in the morning and
also if there’s dust around. My bowels do not get cleared
properly and I feel constipated. I’m probably associating
constipation with the lack of a proper eating and sleeping
schedule as I’m in 12th std and unable to regulate it.
Also, I have severe pain in the lower abdomen and lower
back during the onset on menstrual cycle which lasts for the
first 2 days. Managing it without a hot water bag is difficult.
So I usually end up taking doses of DYSMIN (suggested by
the physician) in accordance with the pain. The period of
cycle is 5-7 days. Menstrual cycle occurs every
28-30 days.
The problem of acne started not long back and it has
gotten worse over the past few months. Pimples have also
developed on the upper arms, shoulder blades as well as on
the upper chest.
Case Repertorisation: The following portions from the
above letter are valuable for selecting the remedy:
“Change of season agg.”
‘Dust allergy.’ [All allergies are manifestation of

‘Menses lasts 5-7 days’ (Beyond 3 days is haemorrhage)
There are no ‘mind’ symptoms in this case. We must note
here that in his Lectures on Materia medica Kent has said that
in many remedies mind symptoms have not been fully brought
out in proving. But equally valuable are ‘general’ symptoms.
There are three generals in this case viz.,
(a) Syphilis (dust allergy; more than one
person in the family has sinusitis).
(b) Haemorrhage
(c) Change of weather agg.
Haemorrhage—wherever found in any case should be
considered first. Whether it is gum bleeding or uterus
haemorrhage or bleeding piles, do not look for Metrorrhagia
etc. Dr. Kent has said that the best cures are made by working
out cases on ‘generals’. Therefore wherever may be the
bleeding, go to the list of remedies against ‘Haemorrhage’ in
the last chapter GENERALITIES in Kent’s Repertory.
28 remedies are in top-grade (Let us call this List ‘A’)
SYPHILIS—15 remedies in top grade (List ‘B’).
In the above three lists we do not find any remedy (remedies) in top-grade in all the three lists.
What is to be done? Let us, as an exercise, take the
remedies found common to all the three lists irrespective of
grades and compare and find out those remedies scoring more
points. [Remedies in bold type – 3 points, italics – 2 points,
ordinary type – 1 point]

A beginner would rush to say that we should select eitherPhosphorus or Silicea. That is what the so-called authors onrepertorisation are teaching.The correct method is something different. You mustarrange the valuable symptoms (be it mind or general oruncommon) in order of their grade or importance. See thetable above. We have arranged the three symptoms from leftto right in order of their importance or grade. Life threateningsymptoms are of the highest value. So also, haemorrhage.Next comes broad general Syphilis. ‘Change of weather’ isonly a modality (though a general) comes last in the order ofimportance.Now, how to make use of the table? Do not merely addup the points. You write the number (of scores) one after theother. Look at the remedy Ars. Do not add 2 + 2 + 1 = 5, butit should be read asHIGH DEFINITION 27-09-2014.PMD 54221 (Two hundred and twenty-one).If this is done for all the remedies we getas under.Ars. — 221Lach. — 322Merc. — 331Nit-ac.— 331Ph-ac. — 222Phos. — 323Sil. — 233Sul. — 322If you merely add all the three digits, together, of course, phosphorus and Silicea gets 8 each. But if you look at theabove, you find that Merc., and Nit-ac. get 331, each (Threehundred and thirty-one) whereas Phos. is 323 (Three hundredand twenty-three only).So we must consider the remedies Merc. and Nitric acidonly. Under Nit-ac. in the chapter DYSPEPSIA (Lilienthal)we find the following:Intestinal dyspepsia due to syphilitic cachexia.Again, in Lilienthal under MENSTRUATION, in Nit-ac.we find the following:Pain in hypogastrium and sides.In Boericke’s Mat. Medica under Nit-ac. we find thefollowing.Excessive physical irritability (dustallergy)… Cachexia due to syphilis.HIGH DEFINITION 27-09-2014.PMD 55Nit-ac. 10M, one single dose cured her.Note: In any case if there is haemorrhage you must give toppriority to it. Wherever may be the bleeding, you should notgo to the chapter for the part affected, but you must take thetop-grade remedies under HAEMORRHAGE in Kent’sRepertory—Generalities.—————We cannot explain everything by putting them inwords in a book. The best and easiest way is to attendour PERSONAL COURSE. The one-week personal coursein ADVANCED HOMOEOPATHIC PRACTICE would beconducted from 1st to 7th of January and June of everyyear at Chennai (daily 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.). This coursewould make you No. 1 homoeopath to the extent ofgetting patients from all over the world. Register yourname three months in advance by sending bank draftfor Rs.18,000 towards the full course fees.We have designed and developed homoeo softwarethat is very easy to use. No complications! The resultsare fantastic. This software is an excellent help to findthe remedy—the similimum for your patients. Price:Rs.9,500/-—————BRITISH ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF MEDICALPRACTICE – 12 VOLUMES WITH ONE INDEX VOLUMEis available with us for sale at Rs.15,300/- including postageto any part of India. (Each volume consists of about 750pages)The above reference book is absolutely essential if at alla homoeopathic practitioner would make better use of Section153 of the Organon which tells that we must prescribe onHIGH DEFINITION 27-09-2014.PMD 56’uncommon’ symptoms. For this, one must know what’common’ symptoms of a disease are.Also, in some cases, aetiology (cause of disease), ageincidence etc. may also help us to select appropriate rubricsfor a given case.Again DIAGNOSIS AND DIFFERENTIALDIAGNOSIS would, in many cases, help us a lot and theabove encyclopaedia has helped even lay people know thecorrect diagnosis where even specialists could not make outanything.For example, a girl of eight years was havinguncontrollable stool and urine. In the above saidENCYCLOPAEDIA in the Index volume we see thefollowing:urine, incontinence offaeces, incontinence ofAgainst the above two headings, the number of a fewvolumes (along with the page number in which the symptomappears) were given. We found a page number of a volumecommon to the above headings and in that page there wefound ‘incontinence of urine and faeces’ is a symptom ofarteriosclerotic parkinsonism. We went to Lilienthal and onpage 73 read the remedies and thus could find the correctremedy for the patient.AETIOLOGY or CAUSE OF DISEASE; When we readAETIOLOGY in the above said encyclopaedia in the chapterParkinson’s disease (paralysis agitans), we read that it occursin sixth or seventh decade and trauma is a possible cause. Inthe absence of more valuable symptoms we must take thefollowing rubrics for any case of Parkinson’s disease.HIGH DEFINITION 27-09-2014.PMD 57KENT’S REPERTORY—GENERALITIES:—OLD people: Acon., Agar., Aloe., Alumn., Ambr., Am-c.,Ammc., Anac., Ant-c., Ant-t., Ars., Aur., Bar-c., Bry.,Calc-p., Camph., Carb-an., Carb-v., Caust., Cic., Coca.,Colch., Con., Fl-ac., Iod., Kali-c., Lyc., Nat-m., Nit-ac., op., Sabad., Sec., Sel., Seneg., Sulph., Sul-ac., Teucr;—WOUNDS, constitutional effects of: Arn., Carb-v., Con., hep., Ind., Lach., Led., Nat-m., Nit-ac., Phos., Puls., rhus-t., Staph., Sul-ac., Zinc.Three remedies viz., Carbo-veg, Conium, Nat-mur, Nitricacid and Sulphuric acid are common to the above two lists.For knowing the common symptoms of any disease orfor that matter diagnosis and differential diagnosis the abovesaid 12-volume encyclopaedia is a must for every homoeopathwho wants to do sincere practice. Otherwise one would endup as a symptom-coverer as Bernard Shaw writes: “When ahomoeopath looks at any Chinese he would prescribe him forjaundice.”Whatever system of medicine one may practise, if he isnot good at diagnosis and differential diagnosis he would bea signal failure. With the 12-volume ENCYCLOPAEDIA onecan improve his respect among patients and also get goodsuccess in practice. The reader may ignore the treatmentsection in the above encyclopaedia as it pertains to allopathy.—————In the earlier editions of this book we had offered a prizemoney of Rs.10,000/- to the first ten readers giving correctanswers to all the following questions. A few of themresponded with wrong answers.HIGH DEFINITION 27-09-2014.PMD 581. A patient developed fever, body pain etc. and wastreated. The fever went away; but the body paincontinued. What remedy you would prescribe?2. Another patient had sore throat, body pain, fever etc. andwas treated. Every symptom disappeared excepting feverwhich continued for over a month. No other symptom.One dose cured him. What is the remedy?3. There are cases where a very rich person or a rich actresswith huge wealth, suddenly goes to a so-called spiritualguru, gives away all their wealth for getting salvation.What remedy would cure this mania?—————Answer to the above questions are now given below:1. See Calvin B. Knerr’s Repertory— FEVER, remittent—sequelae: Kali-mur.2. The same Knerr’s Repertory—FEVER, remittent—inconvalescence: Eucalyptus.3. Again, Knerr’s Repertory—MIND—MELANCHOLY—religious—gave away everything she could lay her handsupon, in order to do penance: Plat.