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The above symptom would be of immense help, more
particularly in some chronic and grave acute cases.
Suppression of haemorrhage or habitual depletions or
any discharges make the disease travel from less important
organs to more important organs. This is the direction of
disease. Hence most valuable. If found in a case you cannot
afford to ignore them. You may straightaway take it.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Here we must make a mention of the
term ‘menopause.’
If the complaint of a female patient starts around the age of
42-46 and she also continues to get her monthly periods
you may think of the rubric MENOPAUSE in the chapter
GENITALIA—FEMALE in Kent’s Repertory. But upon
inquiry if you find that her complaints started a few
months after complete cessation of menses you should
not take the rubric MENOPAUSE but consider the
following on page 1006 of Lilienthal:
Suppression of haemorrhage or abandoning habitual
depletions: 1, acon., bell., chin., fer., nux v., puls., sulph.;
2, arn., aur., bry., calc., carb. v., graph., hyosc., lyc., natr.
m., nitr. ac., phos., ran., rhus, seneg., sep., sil., spong.,
If a patient tells that his complaints started some months after
his bleeding fissure in anus or piles was cured, in such
cases too you must take the above rubric.

Certain remedies cannot be found through
repertorisation and, therefore, we learn the symptom
of such remedies by rote. Let us now learn about
two such remedies viz., Selenium/Stillingia.
When a patient complains of back pain and she
has early decay of teeth, you may ask if she cannot
go in hot sun without covering her head (intolerance
of sun heat falling on the head) and if the answer is
in the affirmative, you may at once think of
Selenium. The following two symptoms are keynotes
for confirming the remedy Selenium.
Abject despair, uncompromising melancholy—
Boericke’s Mat.Med.
Total unfitness for any kind of work—Wilkinsons.
The bedridden osteoporotic patient. Look at
him; all his teeth are gone long ago. Pre-senility is
another term to describe Selenium. A sixty-year old
person looks like a 72-year old debilitated individual.
Two per cent of our patients would be Selenium
‘Selenium is a constant constituent of bone and
teeth.’ This is the first sentence of Selenium in
Boericke’s Mat. Med.
Why did we take Stillingia along with Selenium?
See Boericke’s Mat. Med. At the end of Stillingia
we find the words ‘Valuable for intercurrent use.’
After giving Selenium-10M one dose, we follow it up
with Stillingia-l0M after one month. Again, two
months after this we give Selenium-50M; one month
after this Stillingia-50M.

Why is Stillingia a complement to Selenium?
In Selenium we find the following mind
symptom (Boericke’s Mat. Med.)
“Abject despair, uncompromising melancholy.”
In Stillingia (Wilkinsons) we find the following:
“Deplorably downhearted.”
There is only marginal difference between
the above two mind symptoms.
Remember, whenever a patient tells that he
would give away half of his wealth to anyone who
cures his headache, he needs Stillingia. (Deplorably
Stages of diseases are:
(a) irritation;
(b) inflammation; and
(c) degeneration.
There is another classification of diseases.
(a) functional; and
(b) structural.
Let us illustrate the above with a remedy viz.,
Aconite. This remedy is more to be kept in the house
of a patient than in the clinic of a doctor.
The best example is as follows: A person keeps
a stool on a chair and standing on the stool he tries
to remove the bulb from the ceiling. While doing so,
the stool tilts and he falls down. Imagine his mental
state at this time. ‘Fear, anxiety, restlessness.’ Give
one dose of Aconite at this time (within 20-40
seconds of his falling down) and you can prevent all

the after-effects. But a few minutes after that
swelling etc. takes place in the injured place. At this
time if you give Aconite there won’t be any effect.
Aconite is useful in irritation stage only. In inflammation and degeneration it is of no use. In other
words, by the time the patient reaches the clinic of
a doctor or hospital, Aconite symptoms go away.
That is why we write that Aconite is more to be kept
in the house of a patient than in the clinic of a doctor.
A certain homoeopath was giving a long lecture
to an audience of homoeopaths. Suddenly he fell
down fainting. May be heart attack. One of the
audience, a doctor, ran to him, put a few pills into his
mouth and moments later the speaker stood up and
continued his talk. That is Aconite. The sooner you
give in any medical emergency the better. For the
chronic effects of trauma Aconite won’t be of any
New subject. You should learn the ‘pace’ of
remedies. In this connection let us now learn about
two remedies viz., Aethusa cynapium and Helleborus.
You must keep such remedies at your fingertip.
(You cannot afford to lose sight of them by failure in
Case: You are called in to attend a child of six
months at 5:30 a.m. Thumbs are clenched, eyes
drawn downward and the child is moaning
(convulsion.) Without a dose of Aethusa that child is
sure to die at 6 a.m. the same day. That is the pace
of Aethusa. Death is stamped on its face from the

Another remedy that must be kept in your finger
tip is Helleborus.
A 40-50 year old bedridden patient starts talking
incoherently and at 2:30 in the afternoon he goes
into coma, taken to a hospital and after a few days
dies there. [See Kent’s Repertory—GENERALITIES—
2:30 p.m.: Helleborus]
The stroke of the clock at 2:30 p.m. is the death
bell for the Helleborus patient and without that
remedy he is sure to die in a few days of

The foetus (baby in the uterus of the pregnant mother)
1-3 weeks prior to delivery date (so long remaining in upright
position) turns upside down, and the uterus descends down in
such a way that the head of the foetus remains fixed in the
pelvic floor of the mother. 1-3 weeks later, at the delivery time
the mouth of the uterus dilates and the child comes out. Even
after the full term of ten months if the child does not turn
upside down, or turns half-way and lies crosswise,
having turned upside down, does not descend further down,
the attending lady doctor would say that head is still floating
or is in incorrect position and so opens the abdomen to take
out the child. This is called caesarean surgery. 70 to 90 per
cent of caesarean surgeries at the present day are conducted
solely for this reason.
At this time if the patient takes three doses of the
homoeopathic medicine Pulsatilla-1000, every 4-8 hours, in
the next twenty-four hours it would be a normal and safe
In the reference book The Accoucheur’s Emergency
Manual by Dr. W. A. Yingling, M.D., of U.S.A. we find the
following :
“Abnormal presentations may be
righted if Pulsatilla is given before the
membranes are ruptured or the
presenting parts are firmly engaged…”

In a maternity hospital, Pollachi Road, Dharapuram,
Tamilnadu, by using Pulsatilla and other remedies there has
not been even a single caesarean for the past several years andthe lady doctor in-charge has put up a board “Caesarean-free’’Clinic. The Dharapuram Lions Club has given her a certificatetestifying this.


From : Dr. (Mrs.) K. Rajeswari, M.B.B.S., D.G.OObstetrician and Gynecologist – Reg. No. 34030, pioneer Hospital, 68, Madurai Road, RamnathapuramDear Dr. Krishnamurthy, i tried Pulsatilla – 1000 for two patients; resulted in normaldelivery.(a) A lady with third pregnancy, with history of two previousnormal deliveries came for check up. The position of thebaby was oblique in the last month; and the chances ofcesarean delivery, discussed with them. When re-examined, the baby was crosswise and the due date was only ten days, i gave her three doses of Pulsatilla – 1000 and she camewith pains, after 10 days, with head in the lower pelvis, delivered normally without any complications.(b) Another lady with first pregnancy, with normal position ofthe baby, but I was not satisfied with head descent and gavethree doses of Pulsatilla 1000. She developed pains, headdescent was little better, but not to my expectations. I gavesufficient time, and when she screamed, Bach remedyCherry Plum was given every 10-15 minutes.


CASE: Letter from a patient is given below:“To Dr. Krishnamurthy,“I sweat a lot and I have a dandruff problem and hairfallproblem also. I used to have frequent headaches but not anymore. My college is nearby i.e. 5 to 10 minutes walking distancebut after I reach home from my college I feel tired and don’t feellazy to do any work. I don’t know whether it is somethingabnormal or it is just that I don’t push myself. I often stayconfused regarding my career or anything I do.”From the above letter let us note down the symptoms oneby one.Sweat, ProfuseDandruffHair fallHeadacheTirednessKent’s Repertory—Generalities—Congestion:Kent’s Repertory—Perspiration—Profuse:Three remedies, viz., Bell, Chin and Ferr-met are commonto the above lists in top-grades.To confirm one remedy we read these three remedies inLilienthal under the chapters Headache, Debility, Menstruationand Ferr-met was decided because of the following found underthis remedy.Menstruation, Ferrum-met: physical and mental depression.(Tiredness of body and she is unable to decide her career)Two or more symptoms in a particular partof body, put together means ‘congestion’.Do not take “Head, congestion” in Kent’sRepertory but take “GeneralitiesCongestion”.}Debility – Ferrum-met: Easily exhausted from light exertion.
Headache – Ferrum-met: headache, debilitated persons,
especially with congestion to head.


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