Are you suffering from Rickets? Dr. Tyler tells us the BEST homeopathic medicines for the treatment of Rickets….

Calcarea carb [Calc]

      For the fat, fair, lethargic type of child, with profusely sweating head, especially in sleep ( Silicea, Sanicula): with soft, fat, flabby, inadequate limbs that bend under its weight: with big abdomen.

The child of plus tissue of minus quality.

Calcarea phos. [Calc-p]

      Like Calcarea head large, fontanelles long open; but less sweating. Bones of skull thin.

Thin–even emaciated.

Sunken, flabby abdomen (reverse of Calcarea).

Spine too weak to support body: thin neck, too weak to support head.

Child pale and cold. Seems stupid.

“Even cretinism may be developed by the continued use of Calcarea phos.” (i.e. think of Calcarea phos. in cretinism).

Silica [Sil]

      Pale, waxen, earthy face.

Head large (the Calcarea, Sulphur), fontanelles open.

Body small and emaciated, except the plump abdomen.

Bones and muscles poorly developed: i.e. slow in learning to walk.

Worse from milk: infant unable to take any kind of milk. ( Aethusa)

Diarrhoea from milk.

Offensive sweat, head, neck, face, feet.

Sanicula [Sanic]

      Sanicula aqua contains Calcarea, Silica, etc. and combines many of the symptoms of these remedies. Invaluable remedy for unflourishing, ill-developing children.

Defective nutrition.

Thin and old-looking. Dirty brownish skin.

Stubborn and touchy.

Cold, clammy hands and feet.

Profuse sweat, occiput and neck.

Sulphur [Sulph]

      Large head (like the Calcarea).

Tendency to rickets. ( Calcarea c.)

Voracious appetite, defective assimilation.

Hungry yet emaciated. ( Iodium)

Shrivelled and dried up, like a little old man.

Skin hangs in folds, yellowish, wrinkled, and flabby. (See Dentition– Sulph.).

Chamomilla [Cham]

      Intensely sensitive. Intensely irritable.

Changeable: never satisfied.

Wants to be carried: can’t keep still.

“The Chamomilla child can’t be touched.”

Painful gums, painful teething: will hold cold glass against its gums.

Pain–colic: doubles up and screams. Kicks.

Diarrhoea. Grass green stool.

One cheek red, the other pale.

Coughing or ailments from anger.

Sleepy but can’t sleep.

Arnica [Arn]

      Tender to touch.

Does not want to be disturbed, or irritated, or handled.

Worse from heat.

Especially if there has been and injury at birth or otherwise.

Scurvy Rickets.

Manganum [Mang]

      General aching, soreness, tenderness ( Arnica).

Bones ache, especially tibiae.

Sickly face, anaemic.

Constantly whining; fretful.

Everything better lying down.

Worse cold, damp weather.

Arnica [Arn]

      (See above.) A great remedy here.

Phosphorus [Phos]

      Bruising: extravasation. Gums bleed.

Especially in nervous, slender children.

Kreosotum [Kreos]

      Gums bleed and ulcerate.

Offensive odours, mouth, etc.

The Chamomilla temperament (see above) but offensive and bleeds.

Margaret Lucy Tyler
Margaret Lucy Tyler, 1875 – 1943, was an English homeopath who was a student of James Tyler Kent. She qualified in medicine in 1903 at the age of 44 and served on the staff of the London Homeopathic Hospital until her death forty years later. Margaret Tyler became one of the most influential homeopaths of all time. Margaret Tyler wrote - How Not to Practice Homeopathy, Homeopathic Drug Pictures, Repertorising with Sir John Weir, Pointers to some Hayfever remedies, Pointers to Common Remedies.