An excellent compilation of symptoms of homeopathic medicine Psorinum from the book Pearls of Homeopathy by M.E. Douglass, published in 1903….

Especially adapted to psoric constitutions; lack of reaction after severe acute disease; appetite will not return.

Extremely scrofulous patients; nervous, restless, easily startled; sleepless from intolerable itching or frightful dreams of robbers, danger, etc.

In chronic cases, when well-selected remedies fail to permanently improve; when Sulphur is indicated and fails to act.

Children are pale, delicate, sickly; sick babies will not sleep day or night, but worry, fret, cry; child good, plays all day; restless, troublesome; screaming all night.

Great weakness and debility; from loss of fluids; remaining after acute diseases; without any organic lesion.

Despairs of recovery; hopeless, thinks he will die, especially after fevers.

Religious melancholy.

Body has a filthy smell, even after bathing.

Headache, chronic; at every change in the weather; awakened from sleep with pain; hungry during headache; relieved by washing, by nosebleed.

Great sensitiveness to cold air or change of weather; wears a fur cap, overcoat or shawl, even in hottest summer weather.

Stormy weather affects him; feels restless for days before, an during a thunderstorm.

Cough returns every winter.

All excretions, diarrhoea, leucorrhoea, menstrual flow, perspiration, have a carrion-like odor.

Hungry in the middle of the night; must have something to eat.

Eructations tasting of rotten eggs.

Diarrhoea; stool watery, dark brown, fetid, carrion-like odor.

Stools: dark brown, thin, fluid; black, watery; very offensive, like rotten eggs.

Leucorrhoea: clotted, large lumps, of an unbearable odor.

Vomiting of pregnancy; obstinate cases when the best selected remedy fails.

Asthma; worse sitting up, better lying down and keeping arms spread wide apart.

Anxious, full of fear and melancholic.

Very depressed.

Discharge of fetid pus from the ear.

Swelled upper lip.

Cough, with expectoration of green mucus, nearly like matter.

Skin dirty, greasy looking, with yellow blotches here and there, and a partially developed eruption on the forehead and chest.

Sweats profusely and freely when walking, with consequent debility.

Takes cold easily.

Copious perspiration on face, palms of hands, and perineum, when moving about.

Melford Eugene Douglass
M.E.Douglass, MD, was a Lecturer of Dermatology in the Southern Homeopathic Medical College of Baltimore. He was the author of - Skin Diseases: Their Description, Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment; Repertory of Tongue Symptoms; Characteristics of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica.