An excellent compilation of symptoms of homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonica from the book Pearls of Homeopathy by M.E. Douglass, published in 1903….

Adapted to the leucophlegmatic blonde hair, light complexion, fair skin and blue eyes.

Scrofulous constitutions pale weak, timid, easily tired when walking; vertigo on ascending a height, going upstairs, is out of breath, has to sit down; disposed to grow fat, corpulent, unwieldy.

Children with red face flabby muscles, who sweat easily and take cold readily in consequence; large heads and abdomens; fontanelles and sutures open; head sweats profusely while sleeping, wetting pillow far around; diseases of dentition; during sickness or convalescence great longing for eggs.

Girls who are plethoric, grow too rapidly; who begin with too early, too profuse, too long lasting menstruation; subsequently have amenorrhoea and chlorosis with menses scanty or not appearing at all.

Women with menses too early and too profuse; feet constantly cold and damp, feel as if she had on cold, damp stockings; difficult to stop menstruating the least excitement causes profuse return.

Fears that she will lose her reason, or that people will observe her confusion.

Aversion to cold air; least cold air seems to go through and through; very sensitive to damp cold air.

Lung diseases of tall, slender, rapidly-growing youth; oftener the guide to the true remedy than Phosphorus.

Disorders arising from defective assimilation; imperfect ossification; difficulty in learning to walk; have no disposition, will not try.

Longing for fresh air, which inspires, benefits, strengthens.

Feels better in every way when constipated.

Desire to be magnetized.

Great anxiety and palpitation.

Vertigo especially on suddenly turning the head.

Rush of blood to the head, with heat in it.

Painful swelling of the submaxillary glands.

Toothache if cold air or cold drinks enter the mouth.

Ravenous hunger in the morning.

Sour vomiting.

Pit of stomach swollen, like a saucer turned bottom up.

Tight clothes about the hypochondria are unendurable.

Abdomen hard and very much distended.

Swelling and painfulness of the inguinal glands.

Stools: sour; smelling like rotten eggs; undigested, containing curdled milk.

Head too large cranial sutures widely open fontanelles open and sunken.

Profuse sweat on the head when sleeping especially on the back of the head wetting the pillow.

Painful and difficult urination, the urine being usually clear, and having a peculiar strong pungent, foetid odor.

Menses: premature profuse, and protracted.

Swelling and sensitiveness of the breasts before menstruation.

Leucorrhoea like milk, before or after the menses.

Leucorrhoea of little girls.

Burning and itching of the vulva.

Icy coldness in and about the head.

Painless hoarseness in the morning.

Shortness of breath on going up the slightest ascent.

Expectoration of mucus with a sweetish taste.

Chest painfully to touch and on inspiration.

Sore pain in chest on inspiration.

Feet feel cold and damp.

Profuse sweat from the slightest exertion.

Profuse sweat in the mornings.

Melford Eugene Douglass
M.E.Douglass, MD, was a Lecturer of Dermatology in the Southern Homeopathic Medical College of Baltimore. He was the author of - Skin Diseases: Their Description, Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment; Repertory of Tongue Symptoms; Characteristics of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica.