Organs of Art of Healing

Baldwin gives a very brief but precise summary of each aphorism of the Organon of Medicine, written by Samuel Hahnemann….


Psora does not comprehend all non-venereal chronic sickness. It does not include occupational, deficiency, medicinal, unhygienic disturbances produced by their own peculiar causes….


The genius of syphilis is to dissolve tissue. Should the syphilis affect the nervous system, congenital idiocy, or mental defectives, delinquents, unmoral, unsocial, criminal personalities may result. …


The genius of sycosis is to stack up redundant cell growth. It produces the hydrogenoid constitution which signifies excess of water and by virtue of this trait of stimulating foci of proliferating cells, is the substratum of those diseases characterized by exaggerated cell or tissue growth, of which cancer is typical….