Examination of the Eye

The importance of a thorough and systematic examination, not only of the eye itself, but of co-existent general conditions, in order to determine the underlying states and to make a correct diagnosis, cannot be overestimated. …

The Use of the Ophthalmoscope

The art of using the ophthalmoscope is one much more difficult to acquire than that of any other instrument of precision and is only accomplished after long and persistent practice. …

Refraction and Accomodation of the Eye

The constant effort of the accommodation necessary in order to see distinctly gives rise to many symptoms. As the ciliary muscle tires, vision blurs, and it is necessary to stop work and rub the eyes. …

Method for Determining the Refraction & Accomodation

Presbyopia is to be determined after the static refraction has been tested. With the distance glasses in the frame, the patient is asked to hold the reading type or a newspaper at the distance at which he desires to work or read. …

Diseases of the Eyelids

In the treatment of chronic inflammation of the margins of the lids, external application are of great value and without their use a cure is often impossible. ……

Diseases of the Lachrymal apparatus

Inflammation and abscess of the lachrymal glands are extremely rare. In the acute form the symptoms are, great swelling and redness of the upper lid at its outer angle. …

Diseases of the Orbit

In the orbit may be found both benign and malignant tumors, which may have developed primarily in the orbit, in some of the neighboring sinuses such as the antrum or ethmoidal, or have spread from the eyeball or face. …

Diseases of the Ocular muscles

Causticum.-Paralysis of the eye muscles resulting from exposure to cold. It has been especially successful in paralysis of the sphincter pupillae (mydriasis), of the ciliary muscle, levator palpebrae superioris (ptosis), orbicularis, and external rectus….

Diseases of the Conjunctiva

Conjunctivitis, in the acute form, where there is a muco-purulent discharge, it is certainly contagious. It may appear as an extension of a nasal catarrh, from an affection of the eyelids, or from an inflammation of the lachrymal sac. …

Diseases of the Cornea

Inflammation of the cornea is diagnosed by increased ciliary injection, a decreased transparency, a loss of lustre of the cornea or ulceration. Vision is more or less disturbed, according to the location of the inflammatory foci….

Diseases of the Sclera

Thuja is a very valuable remedy in all forms of inflammation of the sclera, even if no characteristics symptoms are present. In most instances there has been great tenderness of the globe, intolerance of light and active inflammation….

Diseases of the Iris

Iritis may be either acute or chronic in its course. Find the best homeopathic remedies for different forms of iritis along with general management….

Diseases of the Ciliary body

Jaborandi.-In spasm of the accommodation, or irritability of the ciliary muscle, there is no remedy so frequently useful as this. Many cases of simulated myopia have yielded to its use. …


Numerous affections of the eye are supposed to be due to a pre-existing inflammatory condition of the other eye and hence are called sympathetic. The most frequent form of sympathetic inflammation is that of irido-cyclitis, or irido-choroiditis. …

Diseases of the Choroid

Both serous and disseminate choroiditis have been benefited with homeopathic remedy Phosphorus, especially when accompanied by photopsies and chromopsies of various shapes and colors (red predominating)….

Diseases of the Retina

Belladonna is one of the most frequently indicated homeopathy remedies for both hyperaemia and inflammation of the optic nerve and retina. The retinal vessels will be found enlarged and tortuous….

Diseases of the Optic nerve

Nux vomica has been followed by more favorable results in optic nerve atrophy than any other remedy. Argent. nitr., Arsen., Veratrum vir. and others have been used with advantage….


Half vision is usually only a symptom of some deep disorder of the eye, but as it is sometimes the only symptom to be found those remedies appropriate to it will be mentioned: Upper half of visual field defective: Aurum, Digitalis and Gelsemium…..

Diseases of the Vitreous body

Suppuration of the vitreous usually results in destruction of the eye. It generally becomes complicated with choriditis and often extends to a general inflammation of the eye or panophthalmitis….

Diseases of the Lens

Of all the remedies used, Causticum has proven of the most value in treatment of cataract. Find more homeopathic medicines and indications of their use in the treatment of cataract without surgery….


Gelsemium is one of the principal homeopathic remedies in the treatment of Glaucoma and is, perhaps, more frequently used than any other. Find its indications here….


In conclusion let us remind the reader that the health of the eye depends to a great measure upon the condition of the general system. The eye is not a separate and distinct organ, to be treated wholly independent of the general bodily health. …


Causes of various ophthalmic diseases and the characteristic symptoms they produce in an alphabetical index form….

Ophthalmic Therapeutics

Materia medica of the homeopathic remedies useful in treating various diseases of the eye. An excellent resource for treatment of ophthalmic diseases….