“From this day began rapid and permanent improvement. Oh, what a relief to mother, father, friends, my little patient, and myself! I know that under any other treatment, and I might say remedy, this interesting little child could not have survived. Great credit is due to her mother, whose good judgment never forsake her for a moment.

She said she believed a thousand people called to inquire after the patient; and, of course, all kinds of friendly advice was volunteered, both as to remedies and physicians, but the parents stood firm in the belief that it was not good policy or safe to `swap horses while crossing a stream,’ and to-day they have their little one well, but weak, and feel well satisfied with their first venture with Homoeopathy. To-morrow they go to Atlantic City with our little patient to enjoy the invigorating breezes of Old Ocean for a time.


“Scranton, Pa., June 12, 1891.” In the same Homoeopathic Recorder

(pp. 260-1) Dr. Boocock gives a very interesting account of his experiments with our virus, thus:


“August 2, 1892.-A very cloudy day, warm damp wind; feeling very much depressed and worried about business and finance; very bad headache.

“Having a patient coming to me of a consumptive diathesis, or troubled with `consumptiveness,’ I had procured from Boericke & Tafel Bacillinum 30th and 200th, but not having any 100th I concluded to make some myself. I took thirty-six globules of the 30th, and dissolved them in one ounce of diluted alcohol, shaking the vial well until the globules were all dissolved which took a long time. Getting tired of shaking I put down the vial and dried my fingers on my tongue. Soon after experienced a flush of heat, some perspiration and a severe headache, deep in, differing from what I felt at first, and this continued until half an hour after. I finished my potentizing, and foolishly did the same thing–dried my finger on my tongue. Headache increased all over. Mostly in the temples and occiput. Stinging stitch-like pain through my left lung, and a tickling cough; I felt very weak.

I had no cough before, and yet I now had a tickling in my fauces and must cough; the headaches continued, and weakness and feeling in and under my left breast deep in.

“(I have counted 50 drops of this, and have saturated 4 oz. of No. 35 globules, and I am going to call this my 100 C.) “If this dilution, 2 drops or so, can make one in health feel as I did, I am sure there is a power in dynamization. A very restless feeling, not able to read with profit, so went to bed early; very restless; slept well; when asleep, no dream; had to rise to urinate three times; urine clear, but of a very bad smell; putrid. Awoke at daybreak and could not sleep, feeling very tired, but went into my garden, digging trenches for celery plants; passed a good deal of flatus, smelling very bad, like the urine. Worked steadily for two hours; it was then time to open office. While preparing my tub for shower bath, felt very sick; upheaval of stomach, but could not vomit–a spasmodic effort which shook me a good bit; before I could finish my dressing, had a hurried feeling to pass stool; loose, very bad smelling, of a dark green character, mixed with mucus; felt very weak and sleepy all that forenoon;…. feel very drowsy now at 1 A.M.; appetite as good as usual. Some dull headache, but mentally clear; no pain in lung, but have had a sore throat and a good deal of tickling in the pharynx, provoking a cough and enabling me to raise a little phlegm, white and frothy like cotton ball.

“Weakness continued all the day; did not want to be disturbed. Sought to be quiet; slept a good part of the day, when not attending to my professional duties; passed a great deal of urine; foul-smelling, of a pale color, with white sediment; have not tested it yet.

“Second night very restless; at night slept well, but full of dreams; in my dream was attending to large numbers of malignant diphtheria cases. Woke many times and slept and dreamed, the same kind of dream; my cases in my dream did not die, but were greatly worse; worried about them.

“Awoke at 5 A.M., and after lying awake, wondering what these dreams meant, my thought took this form: Intending me to get ready for an epidemic of diphtheria, and this thought I cannot get myself rid of.

“August 4, 1892.-Feeling too tired to go into my garden; business being very scarce, I have had time to sleep, and slept all the forenoon. Headache not so bad; sweat on the least exertion; very poor appetite; bowels move.

James Compton Burnett
James Compton Burnett was born on July 10, 1840 and died April 2, 1901. Dr. Burnett attended medical school in Vienna, Austria in 1865. Alfred Hawkes converted him to homeopathy in 1872 (in Glasgow). In 1876 he took his MD degree.
Burnett was one of the first to speak about vaccination triggering illness. This was discussed in his book, Vaccinosis, published in 1884. He introduced the remedy Bacillinum. He authored twenty books, including the much loved "Fifty Reason for Being a Homeopath." He was the editor of The Homoeopathic World.